512 Upsampling DSD Upsampling and Higher rates for PCM as well

Could you please update the DSP upsampling services to support DSD 512 and perhaps 1024 as well. I’m reading about great results perhaps better than 256. I’d like to try it for sure.

Maybe while your at it upgrade the upsampling of PCM several notches. I’ve read about some dacs that support this as well

This would keep ROON ahead of the pack software wise.


Roon has support for DSD512 since April 2017.

You know I thought it did upsample to 512. But this morning I could not get that page to scroll down past the DSD 256. And I know my streamer and DAC are capable of that resolution.

When I get home I’ll reboot the ipad and ROON and see if that restores it.

I would still like to hear and see these options added for PCM. 1411.2 and 1536 as well as DSD 1024. I believe it won’t be long before most DACS are capable of this.

Apparently HQPlayer software can do this but I’d rather have ROON do my upsampling. I own HQPlayer but it to me is a pain to use and there are too many variables and too many combinations to sort out.

Still puzzling why ROON wouldn’t let me access the 512 settings.

You also need a connection capable of delivering the data. Not every connection option accepted by the DAC is capable to do so. You may need special hardware (I2S, Dual BNC, …) or software (usually called a driver) to get the data to the DAC.
For example is DSD256 (AFAIK) the limit for DSD over PCM (DoP) using USB Audio Class 2. You need a special driver for higher bit-rates. Manufacturers often provide drivers for Windows and MacOS only, if at all; Linux drivers are often unavailable.

Thanks for your help.

I use the Auralic Aries G2 streamer into my Lampizator Pacific DAC. Both are capable of 512 DSD playback.

I had set it to 512 quite a while ago with HQPlayer. About a year ago I switched from the Rendu family to the Aries. As a result I switched to ROON upsampling. I had selected the 256 upsampling previously. When I went back to change it to 512 the 512 Selections were not there.

I won’t be home until Thursday to try again.
Very strange. As I said I’ll reboot the ipad and see what happens.

Why? It seems to me that one can use the LampizatOr directly with Roon over the network. If you connect your streamer and DAC over USB:


Whatever this last line means exactly – most-likely UAC2 support only. :man_shrugging:

I know that my Lampi and Aries will do 512. My Lampi did 512 with HQPlayer. Aries will too. I use USB. So that’s a not the problem. I think the ROON iPad app was having difficulties. It should have shown the 512 option. But it would not for some reason.

Thanks for all your suggestions. Sometimes this equipment and software just does weird things that no one can explain.