571 control point experience on iPad is very flaky

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Intel NUC i7 / ROCK

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)
Endpoint and NUC wired to common unmanaged switch, control point on iPad

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Description Of Issue
Experience of using the new iOS app with the 571 update is rather flaky. Couple of times this evening I got the error as shown in the screenshot. When I switch apps, on returning to Roon the discovery time is noticeably slower than before the 571 update came out. Before it was instant.

Hoping a new build can come along soon as this one is not inspiring much confidence, all I’ve done is apply the update. I will reboot as a precaution but wanted to share the screenshot.

Just to add a couple of points:

When I applied the update to my NUC Rock, I got the unauthoise device warning that some others have posted about. I was worried at first, but proceeded to deauthorise, and it sorted itself out.

I am running the new iOS app version.

Hi @ACvitus,

Are you seeing the same issue on any other remote devices?

Is there any change if you reinstall the app on the iPad?

I have reinstalled the app on the iPad (iPad Air 2, iOS 13.5.1). Will see how it goes. When the animated Roon logo appears (when I presume a connection to the Core is being established?) I would say that the time before page loading completes is longer than before. Sometimes there is an instant load, sometimes it takes a bit longer than I recall. The Core is a NUC8i7 running ROCK with a small database by the standards of some on this forum.

Seems pretty clear the latest version of the app and/or the server-side update is broken. I successfully started playback of an album on local storage via the iPad. Put the iPad down, left music playing, eventually it transitioned to Roon Radio, all good. Pick up the iPad, open the cover and get this from Roon: the logo just hanging, no response. Left it a good 20 seconds before giving up. Force closed the app and re-started, and the app reconnected to the core ok.

Been on Roon more than 6 months now, never had this amount of fallout from an update before.

Another example of performance regression with the new version: adding a track to a pre-existing playlist, the popup adding message noticeably hangs on the screen, obvious delay compared to previous version.

Hello @ACvitus, thanks for the report on this. Next time you get a chance to reproduce this, can you please reply here with a timestamp (your local time) so I can enable diagnostics for your account and prepare a report for the team?

Having similar problem, except android remote and windows core/endpoint. Simply launching android remote stops playback and makes android and winndows endpoint play/pause/skip controls unresponsive. I have to go back in my office where the core pc is and press play to get things going again. Sometimes I have to stop/start the core.

hi @nuwriy. I just added a track to a playlist “Party” at around 18:10:17 on 23-6-20, and as with all playlist additions since the 571 update, the “adding” pop-up lingered on the iPad screen for quite a few seconds more than usual.

If I get another discovery issue where the app does not seem able to connect to the Core I will also post.

I assume from your post that Roon have a back door to access diagnostics?

Hello @ACvitus, thanks for the new information! Our support team can enable diagnostics for an account which sends a request to your Core machine to send us a diagnostics report. If your Core is running and connected to our servers a report will be generated and sent to us. These reports help us get a better picture of what was happening in the Roon app during the time you provided. I’ll be sure to get this over to the team on your behalf so we can get things going again!

Hello @ACvitus, I had enabled diagnostics for your iPad last we spoke, but they haven’t come in yet. The report ill only come in when your iPad and core are using Roon. When you get a chance, can you please turn them on so I can deliver a report to the team for you? Thanks!

Hi, the iPad and Core are active right now, let me know if I can help further.

Hello @ACvitus, looks like I’m still not getting the report in. Is Roon open and running on these devices?

The Roon Core is streaming from Qobuz for the last several hours.

Hello @ACvitus, they came through! Thanks and I’ll return with some feedback from the team!

Another example of the flaky control-point experience since the 571 update. This occurred around 18:37 local time on 27 June. I had switched between a local copy and a Qobuz copy, playback streaming fine, I switch from Roon to Safari on my iPad, switch back to Roon and get this. Clicking on “<” brought back the album view and the app is now functioning as normal.

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