5k song limit still not fixed

I thought it was supposed to be fixed

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Not much of a post. Did you reboot everything?

Where did you read that?

AFAIK is it a limit of the queue per se. I never saw an announcement to change anything about that 5000 tracks queue limit.

It has been fixed for me once I updated to 763, at least when shuffling from the Tracks page.

You get more than 5k songs queued?

yea, they said they fixed it. should be able to shuffle all tracks in your library. only thing they fixed is it doesnt shuffle in alpha order. still has 5 k limit even after 763

yep, rebooted everything…still get the 5 k limit

OK, please do not diss me. This is a legit question. As long as shuffle is pulling from your entire library at random when you activate it, why would it matter if it is limited to 5000 tracks? That’s about 10 days worth of music. Do you really need to shuffle for more than 10 days without restarting with a new random 5000 tracks?

The only way I see it might matter is if you wanted to shuffle for more than 10 days and never hear the same song twice. Does shuffle prevent playing the same song twice? Does it matter?

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Nothing else was announced. Shuffle got fixed and should now be a true shuffle sample over all the content.
No changes for the queue to leverage the 5000 tracks limit, which is unrelated to shuffle, was announced.

ok i guess i misunderstood. prior to 1.8 you could shuffle entire library, not just 5k tracks…and yes, i prefer to shuffle entire library…just my preference

I think you are. But, in 5000 track (10 day) bite fulls. Does it make a difference?

not really i guess…but would just like to have that option

And the 5000 randomly selected tracks in queue will probably be at least 12-14 days of music. Plenty for me.

also, i do think it might start playing more of the artists/songs in that 5k shuffle once a new 5k shuffle is started…thats why entire library shuffle is better in my opinion

I never checked pre-1.8 how many songs were put into queue, as it doesn’t matter to me. What does matter to me it that those 5000 tracks are truly random picks from my entire library, and from what I can tell, they are.

Even pre-1.8, shuffle might repeat songs. I have 280,000+ tracks, and before the update would occasionally get a repeated song. Shuffle is like rolling a die. Each side has a random chance (1/6) of ending up.on top, but the same number can be repeated in the same 6 toss sequence. Heck, I’ve gotten 12 6s in a row tossing dice. Yes, it’s an exception to what is statistically expected, but truly random selection does not eliminate the possibility of repetition, but the larger the pool (in this case the library) the less liklihood of repetition.

I can’t remember if it’s the 5k limit or the lack of randomness that stopped me doing this. It’s a bit clunky but I add all the tracks to a playlist and shuffle that. It seems more shuffley to me.

dont know why a 5k limit in the first place either

I have 70K plus tracks in my library. I demand they all be added to the queue upon shuffle so I don’t have to touch Roon for the next six months…

No idea why anybody would want Roon to do this…

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dont think i am the only one that would like this fix