5th & 6th generation Intel processors

I’m planning to build a HTPC and was wondering on people’s thoughts about the new 5th (Broadwell) and 6th (Skylake) generation processors. I will likely be using a Streacom FC5 Evo fanless case with CPU heatsink.

I am not sure about the different iterations of these processors, though would be looking for something with a relatively low power consumption (TDP).

In the future I might try and run emulation software (Hyperspin) on this machine, to saving having to buy a separate PC, though it will be primarily used and optimised for audio.

Any thoughts or suggestions welcomed.

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Intel i7 5775C on Intel H or Z97 65W TDP
Intel i7 6700 not K on Intel Z170 65W TDP

I am running the I7 5775C and I am very impressed with it. Motherboards are relatively cheap for it.
The I7 6700 does give you DDR4 instead of DDR3 though.

I hope this is helpful

Andrew Watson