6 Products That Have ‘Changed Your Life’ (And Why?)

Just a bit of fun! :smiley:

I’ve been thinking about a shortlist of products that have changed my life. I just thought it would be fun to list just six products that have changed your life, and why. Preferably, in chronological order.
SPOILER ALERT: Roon is in my list.

  1. Linn LP12 - My first love. And probably my only love. (1987)
  2. Sony WM-D6C - I’ve almost worn this player out, it’s that good (1995)
  3. Canon EOS-1D Mark II - The first useable DSLR. And I’m still using it now. (2004)
  4. Chord Hugo - Still the best portable/desktop DAC, IMO. (2015)
  5. Apple iPad Pro 12.9” - It’s almost the ‘centre’ of my life. Kudos to Apple. (2015)
  6. Roon - Pure Music. That’s my definition. It’s that important to me. (2015)

Interesting topic and presuming we are using life changing in a very superficial sense

  1. VCR I still remember the magic or watching recordings of Fawlty Towers and Morse that were just on at the wrong time. An evening-in that we could control what we watched - liberating and you could FF the ads

  2. Coffee Filter machine, real coffee, filtered, the smell of beans freshly ground and brewing.

  3. IPod, truly revolutionary I don’t think I need to explain why

  4. IPhone, ditto

  5. Yep Roon would make many list too, but with the caveat that if it had not been realised I’d probably be streaming by some other method that would be listed here

  6. HAF filters. The best audio upgrade I’ve ever had. I have 3 sets of filters with 3 subsets, general, smooth and less bass and within these I have just room correction, room correction with x-talk and room correction with less x-talk and these can make nearly 99% of recording sound good which is my goal, not having a subset of recording that sound wonderful and another fall larger subset where we say our system is revealing of poorer recordings.



Absolutely. Of course :smiley:


Linn LP12/ Ittok LVII/Troika + Naim Active Six-Pack + Linn Isobarik certainly changed my life instantly right at the moment I saw & listened to them.

It’s real pity & sad that Naim is no longer the same Naim I saw 10+ years ago, Linn is still my beloved & favorite HIFI firm.

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Age 13…mother bought me a record player…I discovered rock music.
Age 14…beer…need I say more.
Age 15… I discovered you could get a bicycle with an engine slung below it. 1 Humanpower to 30 Horsepower, no contest.
Age 16… sex.
Age 17…passed driving test and started a never ending succession of cars.
Age 18…left home.

Think that just about covers the important stuff.

  1. Art books (couldn’t read but I was copying the paintings)
  2. Drawing (age 15… I was already 3 years in an art school but there was a major click)
  3. Walkman (16… later portable CD player and later MiniDisk => audio gear)
  4. Adobe Photoshop (age 19)
  5. Wacom (21)
  6. Mp3 and broadband internet (23… up to now Roon and streaming)

Too much information (from me, not you).

I do think my rediscovery of music over the past 3 1/2 years has been somewhat lifechanging. Thanks to Roon, Tidal, Qobuz, Audirvana, and Apple Music.

I gave up all my adrenalin producing hobbies and music is an age appropriate replacement. And, if I owned a bunch of LP’s, I’m sure I would be into vinyl up to my eyebrows.


Good thread, but hard to choose!

  1. My first “midi system” (is that what we called them?). Basically, something to play records and cassettes on and, of course, listen to the radio (John Peel!).
  2. My first CD player. I was late to the party with a Technics player that I bought in (I think) 1993. Digital music greatly enhanced my musical apprecaition (sorry @AceRimmer)
  3. Satellite TV (Sky, here in the UK). My viewing world opened up, but with a price tag.
  4. Sky+. The ability to record and, later, download shows. Much better than streaming because it doesn’t drop out. I worked with somebody who used to tell me that Sky+ changed his life. You know what, he was right.
  5. Smart phones. Even 20 years ago I wouldn’t have believed that we can walk round with a tiny computer in our pockets.
  6. Roon - of course! Music is more pleasurable when using it. I don’t know why, but it is.
  1. Technics stereo receiver and direct drive(!) record player I bought. My first set for years (age 16).
  2. Sony Walkman. Music while riding a bike or walking in Amsterdam! Cool! (age 19).
  3. My first washing machine. The invention of the decade (age 28).
  4. Driade speakers. Dutch made, small towers. Beautiful sound (age 32).
  5. Hi-res streaming services. Crawling through all that music available out there.
  6. Roon. Expanded my musical horizon even more than item 5. And so great to have local and streaming combined in one system and use it on all my devices. Use it every day at home and on the go. (three years ago, age 55…)
  1. Honda Sport 50 motorcycle (1960’s). Inherited from my brother while in jr. high. Began my interest in motorcycles.
  2. AIWA cassette recorder.(1960’s). Had VU meters! Held it’s microphone against AM radio speaker during top 40 countdown, my first mixtapes
  3. Tad/Davis II tennis racket (1973). Used while playing varsity in high school. This came after losing 60 pounds my senior year. Changed my whole perception of myself
  4. TEAC 350 tape deck(1973). Discovered Dolby B noise reduction
  5. ESS AMT1b speaker.(1980’s) The AMT tweeter became my choice when looking at speakers
  6. Squeezebox Duet (2000’s) Introduced me to streaming

Dolby B was a game-changer for the compact cassette. Magic!

I just loved my old TDK MA-R cassettes. Long gone now, unfortunately…


I used Maxell MX 110’s! I bought in bulk…first thing I did after getting a box was unwrap them, open the jewel case and sniff the cassette…metal tape had it’s own distinct scent :crazy_face:


Folks, the NES should be number seven on the list.

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  1. Sinclair programmable calculator, my dad’s friends not mine. 1978ish and the first programmable machine I encountered.
  2. Sinclair ZX81 of my own, gifted as a hand me down from my dad’s dad, something of my own I could code on.
  3. Sony Walkman, rings on my fingers and bells on my toes…
  4. Lightweight one man tents, combine with walking boots and 3 above as a cure for even my most misanthropic moments.
  5. Raspberry Pi, cheap SBCs for specific tasks :slight_smile:
  6. Active speakers, speakers but better…

Same LP12 setup that I had I fed a Quad 34 405-II and ESL 63’s

Who invented CD’s , I got an early Marantz xxx then a Linn Karik

All with Nakamichi’s culminating in the CR7e

To answer … more from audio point of view

I suppose there is one real answer computer technology in all its forms but …

  1. Sinclair P.30 ( maybe 60) - build it yourself stereo amp. Bit iffy on power trannies but it started the transformation to sound

  2. Sinclair (again) ZX81 - started the coding rot , soon moved to bigger and better PC’s

  3. Nakamichi in all its guises , ultimately the CR7e - made cassette a realistic medium

  4. Stax SR3 we’re quite simply stunning (wore them out)

  5. Quad ESL 63 and the whole Quad drive train

  6. Apple iPod , brought on the move and remote listening to life (still have and still use a classic 160 Gb)


Not sure if beer changed my life - OK yes it did.

I spent 37 years as a practicing (never perfect) brewer . Apart from waistline limitations what better career to get into. Turned pure organic chemistry into never ending study with a great end product

It’s an industry you can never predict, those little yeast cells try to trip you up now and then , not to mention the weather playing havoc with all your raw materials. A mix of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical engineering and sheer will power :smiling_imp::heart_eyes:

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  1. Amp + turntable + speakers: the beginning
  2. The Beatles: still today, mastering is everything
  3. Apple Macintosh: a GUI interface, totally amazing!
  4. CD’s: no more getting up after 20 mins, and no crackles
  5. Slimp3: these guys don’t get enough credit, they saw the future
  6. Devialet with Roon: boxes be gone!
  1. Yamaha CD player, got it in 1982 when most people said it would never take off.

  2. Meridian 200 & 203 DAC fantastic player.

  3. Epson projector in 92, friends came out of the woodwork to see it

  4. Alexa (don’t laugh).

  5. Roon

  6. Aurelic GT1.2 love the steaming.


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