64 bit Roon Bridge on Pi


I’m running the latest version of moode (6.3) which includes the 64 bit kernel. I tried to install the 64 bit version of RoonBridge but got the following error messages during the install

Checking to see if RoonBridge can run on this machine                                                                                                                                                                   
        Checking for Binary Compatibility                            [ FAILED ]
        Checking for ALSA Libraries                                    [ FAILED ]

Any idea what’s needs to be added to allow the linuxarmv8 version to install?



Not sure why you want to run a 64 bit kernel on a Pi, but besides that the message is pretty clear: the ALSA libraries are missing.

So you should check if these are installed (I’m guessing not) and if not, install those and retry.

Thanks Harry. Pure curiosity was the reason.

For anyone else who might be thinking of trying, the Raspian bistro that moode and various others are built on doesn’t include 64 bit user-level libraries.