7th Gen IPad for remote + PC core?

Hopefully this is an easy one: I would like to use a new iPad 2019 (7th gen) as a Remote, and a Lenovo PC as Core. I couldn’t find information on the new iPadOS in Roon’s Knowledge Base. I assume it is suitable as a Remote but want to make sure before I commit.

The second question, which is probably just as basic, is this: Does using an Apple OS in a Remote and Windows 10 in the Core create any issues I should be aware of?

Hi Doug
On your 1st question, an ipad 2019 can be used perfectly as a Roon remote. please note that Roon only supports landscape view (except for the 12” Pro model).

On your 2nd question, you can mix as many different platforms whilst using Roon. You can also use as many remotes as you want, even at the same time.
my main remote is an ipad air, but I also use a Windows PC and and a Samsung(Android) smartphone as remote.

Hope this helps

Actually your questions are “easy ones”.

Download and install the Roon Remote app from the Apple App Store

As far as I know and from personal experience, there are no issues nor any issues created when using a Windows 10 PC as the Roon core and using any iOS device (iPhone and/or iPad) or android device as a Roon Remote. In fact this is exactly how I use Roon with my devices:

Roon core on Windows 10 desktop PC
Roon remote on iPad, iPhone and Amazon Fire HD10 tablet.
Everything works great together with no issues or problems.

Hello @Doug_Forbes and welcome to the community! Your iPad will definitely work for a remote. You can check out our supported devices here. We’re recently updated our documentation to include this device.

As to your second question, you can use any supported remote with any supported core. Here are some details.

Thank you all for your fast and very useful responses!

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