880 update - dCS Puccini not showing up in Roon

Similar problem

MacBook via usb dCS Puccini u clock - no output to usb

Anyone else ?

Roon team can you help ?

Just substituted new MacBook Air to confirm no issues with MacBook Pro - same story. Sound comes from MacBook speakers - can’t see dCS Puccini usb in sound preferences on MacBook.

This is so poor, new software, lots of positive rhetoric yet I can’t play music, basic flaws.

Welcoming comments and support Roon team

Hey @eric_johnstone,

We’re so sorry to hear about your experience with Roon. Thanks for letting us know about it. We’d love to help.

As a first step, could you please provide us with the information requested in this article? That would be great starting point in troubleshooting this.


MacBook Pro retina 13 inch mid 2014

Intel core i5, 8gb.

Mac OS mojave 10.14.16


MacBook Air M1 2020

macOS Big Sur



i phone 11 pro.

iOS 15.2



MacBook Pro output via usb light Harmonic Lightspeed usb to dCS Puccini u-clock. Then audioquest digital rca to dCS Puccini dac.

All music streamed from Qobuz and tidal libraries.

Hey @eric_johnstone,

Thanks for the details. Before we move forward, would you please update your Roon Core to the latest build (882):

Does it improve your situation?

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No Rebeka

Still the same situation no output to dac via USB
Roon remote keeps telling me to manage audio devices when I choose DCS u clock just goes into a loop.
Sound coming from MacBook speakers

Like so many others on the forum I just want to listen to music

My issues now resolved with 882 and complete system reboot, but feeling real empathy with you Steven and so many other fellow Roon users impacted so negatively by this update, at a time of year when people may really wish to relax into the beauty and solace of their own particular realm of music…