(882) USB output problem

The system I use.
i3 2.40ghz
4gb ram
500gb ssd
windows 10 pro
Exogal comet plus dac
system was working fine with roon 1.8 (831). When I installed the roon 1.8 (880) update, I couldn’t see the output devices. I installed roon 1.8 (882) per your direction. but still didn’t see it. (831) works when I install it but remote application does not work. I’ve been trying for days and I haven’t been successful. I think I’m about to give up using roon. Please help me.
Can Turan

I assume you have power cycled everything in the system?
Certainly, the Exogal may need to establish a new “handshake” with Roon.
Worth a try

Add roon to the windows firewall again.

Check Roon - Settings - Audio and make sure your endpoint device is still there and enabled. You may need to go into the setup for that device again. Sometimes things get reset to default settings with an update.

You need to update your control devices from their respective App Store. Build 880 is current for phones and tablets.

I’ve tried. In other programs exogal comet works fine. I could never get it to work with roon.

roon audio settings are empty. system output + Exogal comet not showing up

Not working

That device is listed as Roon Ready on the Roon web site.

Your control devices must be on the proper build to work. If you have updated them to build 880, they will not work with an older core build. You could use a PC or MAC as control with an older core build.

Check Settings - Audio. Is it there and is it enabled?

there is audio but it is empty

Post a screenshot of this…

Hey @can_turan, can you let us know the exact version number of Windows you’re running?

Is Roon even installed on your core anymore? What do you see if you click Settings - About?

I can’t imagine why your Settings - Audio is empty. Roon will figure it out.

My problem continues. I cannot use the roon program because I cannot see the output devices. I don’t want to have to give up when considering purchasing the program for a lifetime, for which I paid for one year. I’m waiting for these issues to be resolved. At the very least, I expect to be briefed on the process.

When I close and open the roon program, the database cannot be reached. i am sending the screenshot

hello Kevin
I am waiting for your help to solve the problems I shared with jim_F.
Can Turan