8th Generation NUC's announced



Before I invest in Windows, do you have a time frame when it will be available for the NUC8I7BEH?

(Danny Dulai) #26

we don’t do timeframes.

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Has anyone tried yet to install Rock on the NUC8I7BEH? Any luck in getting it to work?


It only started arriving at people’s doors this past week I believe.

Even IF it does work with ROCK for now, since it’s unsupported it’s a bit risky for the price in my opinion since it may break with a future RoonOS update. Unless you’re a risk taker :grin:

Edit: I see you also mentioned Windows in a post above. Roon and Roon Server are obviously supported on Windows…

(Pedro Sousa) #29

Hi @Henry_McLeod, ok. I will try to write it down later on.


I tried to install Rock on the new 8th generation that just came out. No luck - didn’t have network drivers. So, I am using windows.

Anyone get a NUC8 (Bean Canyon) yet?

If you use a usb ethernet adaptor it might work I’m sure someone else ran into this on the MOCK thread

(Henry) #32

I did. Plugable USB3-E1000 works OK.


My first thought was it was you Henry but chickens out quoting you.

(Danny Dulai) #34

did you boot? i thought these NUCs disabled legacy boot in later BIOS versions



They allow legacy boot. However, when I tried to run ROCK it told me it could not find any ethernet drivers. So, I gave up and installed windows. I should mention that when I installed windows I also did not have any network connectivity. I had to download the LAN drivers from Intel.


What Ethernet controller did they switch to?

(Henry) #37



Interesting. Introduced 2Q15, drivers have been around for a while. I can understand ROCK not having them, but you’d think a current Windows installer would have them out of the box.

Basically the low-power consumer 1G Ethernet controller from Intel. I suppose that makes sense considering one of the driving factors for NUCs is low-power…

(Scheiner) #39

same thing here. bought NUC8I7BEH and it boots ROCK just fine but no network drivers. Keeps searching for an IP address. Would prefer to use it’s onboard Ethernet instead of buying an USB adapter. Any plans?

(Scheiner) #40

can anyone could tell me if this StarTech USB to Fiber will work with ROCK (NUC8th) ??? thanks

(Scheiner) #41

My NUC8I7BEH is now working with ROCK. i’m using an small thunderbolt hub with ethernet. The curious is that the serial # does not show on the webpage of the ROCK.

(Adrian Windo) #42

Which hub are you using?

(Scheiner) #43

Adrian, i’m currently using this USB 3.0 hub with Ethernet and it’s working fine.

But will try USC-C with Fiber.

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(Adrian Windo) #44

Many thanks Flavio