8th Generation NUC's announced

(Scheiner) #45

Update the Roon OS to v.1 build 159 and now it’s 100% compatible with the Intel ethernet onboard.

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Anyone get a NUC8 (Bean Canyon) yet?
Intel NUC i7 8559U
(Adrian Windo) #46

Good news, thanks

(Rudi) #47

Seems to have fixed the issue with the i219V on asrock Deskmini 310 as well. THANK you! Running without any additional USB to ethernet adapter now.

(Rudi) #48

Review of NUC8i3BEH/K. According to the review it seems to perform roughly like the 7th gen i7 model.

(Jean-François Lemelin) #49

Just ordered the NUC8i5. I’m wondering if with build 159 the legacy boot issue is still an issue?


(Сергей Михайлов) #50

Don’t understand what is the meaning of NUC8I7BEH if NUC7I7DN copes with even the most demanding tasks in the Roon (converting to DSD512 with maximum settings). And the advantage of NUC7I7DN is a smaller value of TDP (15W vs 28W) and, accordingly, the ability to use the fanless chassis Akasa Plato . :frowning:

Anyone get a NUC8 (Bean Canyon) yet?
(Henry) #51

HQPlayer, multiple use device, future proofing, availability and any number of other reasons personal to the user.

(Reader of the Internets) #52

That is one great review. For $500, it seems like a worthy competitor to the Mac Mini.

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(Jim) #53

Here’s a link to a review the 8i5BEK/H.

TL;DR: the 8i5 NUC is about as fast as the 6i7 Skull Canyon NUC, and substantially faster (in multi-core performance) than the 7i7BNK/H NUC, which was also a 28W TDP quad-core.

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NuC 7 becoming very rare in the UK.

(Scheiner) #55

I’m now using NUC8i7 in bridge mode to my DAC. completely isolated from my network and using Fiber. The results are astonishing. And using the onboard ethernet to control it.


Which models of the 8th gen allow legacy boot to install ROCK?

(Scheiner) #57

i’m using NUC8I7BEH.

Synology NAS for Roon
(Rudi) #58

Not quite:
NUC8i3BEH/K: i3-8109U, Passmark 6248
MacMini 2018: i3-8100, Passmark 8097
Quite a difference. Similar difference for i5 and i7

(Reader of the Internets) #59

Oh, interesting! Thanks. Where does this number come from? I hadn’t seen any benchmarks for that machine yet – Ars Technica seems to not be quite sure even what chip is being used.

(Rudi) #60

The i3 8100 is a guess on my part (i3 and 3.6GHz). Could also be an i3 9000 or 9100, but that would not make a huge difference. The performance per core is not really different between 8th gen and 9th gen Intel and the 3.6GHz was stated by Apple, which would point to the i3 8100.
The Passmark score is for the processor, not for the machine. This is of course disregarding any throttling that the machines might have under load.
The main difference is the NUC is using a low TPD CPU, the MacMini a Desktop CPU.

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(Henry) #61

The significant difference may be number of cores. A four core processor would score higher on that sort of measure, but we are told single core performance is more important in Roon. 6248 divided by two is better than 8097 divided by four.

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(Rudi) #62

NUC8i3BEH/K: i3-8109U, Geekbench Single Core 4805
iMac18.1: i3-8100, Geekbench Single Core 4786

For Roon it’s probably a wash. For general use, when several cores are used the i3-8100 will win hands down. It really should, as its TPD is significantly higher:
i3-8109U: TPD 28W
i3-8100: TPD 65W
An i3-8100 running only one core is for all practical purposes like an i3-8109U running only one core. The i3-8100 simply has three more available, whereas the i3-8109U only has one more. TPD seems to be around 15W per core.
But I agree, definitely no need to feed four cores, if only one is going to be used
Review of NUC8i5BEH/K is now up also.

(Rudi) #63

My next ROCK will probably not be an 8th gen NUC.
asrock Deskmini 110 with i3-7350K (2x4.2GHz), runs ROCK
NUC8 i3-8109U: Geekbench Single Core: 4805
NUC8 i7-8559U: Geekbench Single Core: 5072
i3-7350K: Geekbench Single Core: 5662
The i3-7350K is the last i3 with two cores. i3-8350K already has four cores, lower frequency and a lower Geekbench Single Core score of 5469. Newer is not always better.
In order to beat the i3-7350K for single core performance one needs to go into 8th gen i5 or i7 territory, which will have 90Watt TPD and not fit into asrock Deskmini 110 any more.

Synology NAS for Roon
(James Blessing) #64

I too am looking at NUC8i5BEH. My understanding is performance exceeds that of the NUC7i7BNH and it has less and ‘better’ noise due to changed internal cooling. It can run a lower CPU clock (2.3GHz) when highest performance is not needed. Idle power draw is less than half that of the NUC7i7BNH.

All that said, even the NUC8i3BEH might have equivalent performance to the NUC7i7BNH when used as ‘only’ a ROCK, with even (slightly) lower noise and power draw than the NUC8i5BEH.

Either costs less than the NUC7i7BNH, currently.

Other thoughts?