$99 FiiO CP13 cassette player

Looks like FiiO are hedging their bets everywhere with $99 gear aplenty.
Who said the humble cassette was dead!


So you’re getting one?

Don’t make me go into the TARDIS… The wife would not be happy with me :scream:

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Depends if you return or not :face_with_peeking_eye:


For as long as folks still own media, no media is obsolete. Blank cassettes are still available on Amazon and other websites.

Bring it on

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Can you even buy blank tapes now ?

See above…plentiful supply.
And a fair number of artists are releasing on tape as well.

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For all its issues, it was, and I’ll say still is a flexible convenient format. Did it sound terrible? Not with Dolby NR turned on :face_with_peeking_eye::rofl:

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I really have no plans to get my tapes out of the attic :grin:

But now you have said that, the thought of making my first real mix tapes in 40 years :scream_cat:

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I was never into cassettes in the 70’s, so forgive me if I give this a pass.

However, to get even weirder with FiiO I did purchase the KB3 HiFi keyboard.
A great device!

Anyone else into this?
Can also serve as a Roon endpoint.


Do it :wink:

Your FOMO will eat you alive

First post your first genuine selfie with yours.
Then after 3 months I will buy it for ÂŁ14.99 :grinning: