$99 Roon Ready from FiiO

So, it costs less than a six-month subscription.
Probably, it is worth that much.

I’ve got an MSB DAC and the outboard connections, a Zen Streamer, a Chromecast device, and a Squeezebox Touch. The last two will not pair for zone play, though I only use them in my office and bedroom. This is inexpensive enough that I could give it a try and have full zone linking capability on four devices. Nice.

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I feel the same way. I don’t need yet another streaming box right now, but it looks attractive and the price is right. I don’t have an issue with Android incompatibility as I don’t use it.

It also emphasizes that spending gobs of money on a streaming device is a fool’s errand as they become obsolete so quickly.


And given next year I’m considering picking up one of esoterics new FPGA based SACD players. The streamer is the same price, has the same dac and no drive. Why wouldn’t you buy the cd enables version and strap a cheap room compatible streamer to it.

It’s what I intend to do

Hi guys,
I have one of these SR11 now and it is a lovely device. I am currently listening to Roon from my older Denon Receiver via optical. It works very well - remote is a bit odd though but using the Roon Apps it you don’t need to worry.
In Android, it also supports being a DLNA Receiver - not the same as Chromecast but I guess they are trying to keep the licensing costs down.

Where did you purchase it?

I have a beta test version - but there was an update adding the DLNA a few days ago so I would guess it’s getting close to release.

This looks great. For those who own it, I do have a couple of questions

1.- Where did you get it ? - I do have a personal policy of only ordering from US sources. Don’t see it at amazon; I think it should show up at some point. That said, did you get it from the FiiO store? AliExpress?

2.- From the specs, this can be a USB host hence you could use an external DAC. Is it me or is the rival and more expensive Wiim Pro limited to spdif optical and coax?

3.- DSD - From the looks of it, only supports DOP - that limitation is the streamer’s own software, right? The roon endpoint within it has to be able to to native? If not and/or I am misunderstanding this, has anyone been able to hack it in order to stick ropieee or even plain linux and use the official endpoint?

Even if limited to DoP at that price… getting a Pi and a nice case might be more expensive. And if I am correct about the Wiim Pro, it beats it just by being able to be a USB host. Might even give the Rendu stuff some competition.

What would a newer Android giver you in a music player though?

Wish they could have gotten Airplay 2 support for the SR11

Has it been confimed it doesn’t support Airplay 2?

Just received a tracking number (ready to ship) from HiFiGo for my SR-11 so perhaps within a couple of weeks I’ll have something to report. It would be great if Roon’s issues with Airplay were worked out by then… I still can’t connect with my Marantz ND8006 using Roon. Only HEOS or a streaming service app.

Got mine (Australia) and so far it’s great for a streamer/Roon/Head-fi setup and nice and cheap too. No more PC in the equation


What DAC do you have it paired with?

Tried a few from Topping/Chord via USB (connection to it via ethernet) and currently using it with the Chord Qutest. I just like the fact I don’t need it connected to my PC


Nice! Mine just arrived in the USA from China… perhaps I’ll have it by the end of the week.


Pleased to report that my SR11, ordered last month from HiFiGo (at that $99 price point, I’m extra pleased to report :wink:) arrived this morning, installed without incident and is working flawlessly with Roon in my bedroom mini-system.

It’s playing through an iFi GoLink dongle into (for now) a Schiit Vali 2 headphone amp. It also has a wired connection to a pair of Audioengine 2+ speakers (and an 8” Martin Logan subwoofer) which is activated by unplugging the headphones.

It is, in short, exactly the sort of low budget, nice sounding solution I had in mind to meet my modest needs in this listening area.

It appears that grouping is available with my other Roon Ready devices but I haven’t yet played around with that or Airplay as yet.

I’m certainly very satisfied at this early stage. If anyone has specific questions I’ll be glad to try and answer them (I’m no Roon power user though).


I’ll let you in on a secret: in spite of what many audiophiles say and believe, for music streaming any device that delivers a bit perfect stream to a DAC will sound exactly the same as any other device that does the same, regardless of cost. In others words , “low budget” has no bearing in this context.

Glad that you are putting the SR11 to good use.


How is it possible that “Conference of the Birds” is over 50 years old? I do love that album. :blush:

Just received my FiiO SR11 today in Canada. Hooked it up to my own modest Roon set up in my office using a JDS Labs Atom DAC+ for DAC duties. Handled everything I threw at it with ease. Switched between DSD64/128, 192k, 44.1k (16-bit, 24-bit) with no hiccups. Very pleased.

Now I can move the Wiim Pro I was using to a different room :slight_smile:

I did notice that Roon identifies it as a FiiO M17…

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