A basic control that goes onto the taskbar

During this work from home period, I have found that it would be useful to have an easy to click on control panel that is always visible. Phone rings, pause/mute sorted

Whilst working on two screens with lots of spreadsheets and documents open a skip to next or last played buttons would save having to locate Roon in the “stack”.

Thanks - Terry.

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Not sure if you’re on a Mac, but a few versions ago the “Now Playing” section in the Notification Centre started working (screenshot below). It’s not perfect, but I use that a bit. (I usually try the play/pause keyboard button but sometimes a browser has hijacked it)

Thanks Nic, no, I am using Windows 10 and I am not sure we have the matching functionality.

Regards - Terry

I have a Roon icon pinned to the Win 10 taskbar, Pause is 2 clicks away ? I have no need to wade through open windows

The Mini Player bit is a good idea but would go into the queue and may take a while

Thanks Mike, that is how I do it at the moment, but I have 25 icons on my taskbar, a 1" placeable control would be slightly quicker and neater? I only mentioned it having worked with this during a live working day from home.

Webinars etc I can use the volume keys on the keyboard.


I treated myself to a streamdeck which has a roon plugin, its lovely!

Yes, I looked at those, quite funky. I could use my Android phone app, but ironically that has the office phone client on it which takes front and centre when a call comes in.

It isn’t the end of the world, I just thought that it might be a nice feature if the Roon programmers have a day where they haven’t got anything to do… ducks…

Consider a keyboard with media keys. Great for pause when the phone rings.

I could be wrong, but doesn’t that only work if the PC is the end point James?

It works if the PC is a remote, whether an endpoint, on the core, or otherwise.

That makes sense, however, in my home office I have one set of speakers attached to a Logitech Touch and another to a Yamaha mixer which also acts as an endpoint.

If I playback using the PC speakers (or those in the monitors) then I agree that the keyboard controls work.

Any remote can control any endpoint. So it should work for more than the PC speakers.

In a blinding flash of “obviousness” I have fed the PC stereo output (rear of PC) to my small mixer and into the speakers. Voila, control via the keyboard and half decent audio quality.