A better Architecture description is needed

I find the roon architecture descriptions misleading or inadequate. For example

Roon Bridge, Roon Server, Roon Remote, Core, Output, Control Apps etc.

I am running Roon Server on a Linux install on my QNAP as I understand it, this is the core. I am running remote clients on my Mac, iPad, Android phone etc. These are Roon Remotes? What is Roon Bridge? Is that what I am running on RPi? Are these the Outputs?

It’s like the marketing guys didn’t talk to the developers. Server/Bridge/Remote and Core/Output/Control Apps.

Is this what all the bits do? Could we have one description and not two please?


Does this page help a little bit? I agree that the information could be improved - people are working on it!

Yes that’s great thanks Geoff, glad to hear its being worked on though as I think it could confuse some people and put them off.