A book for the obsessively obsessed

Stumbled upon this. Might be enlightening -


I wonder if it contains transcripts of the MQA debates.

And one picture every THREE pages!

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Hey you changed your avatar! A new identity/persona?

Yeah, might not keep this, thought I’d let people (temporarily) see the true old man.

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… as the hills! :rofl:


The chair still has its pricetag!

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Lots of things in the photo have price tags, I think he’s in a furniture store! :grin:

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And the contents MAY be current on the day it was printed.

Very observant. I was testing a chair for scale. The salesgirl took my picture with my cell. My house isn’t that tailored.

The picture is 2 years old, and old man years are like dog years.


You’re right about the potential for it becoming out of date, but OK for now. It was published late 2015. Maybe no MQA, but I’m tired of hearing about that anyway.

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