A bouquet for Roon metadata editing

I’d like to offer a word of praise to the Roon devs for part of the metadata editing software…

I wanted a copy of Beethoven’s complete violin and piano sonatas by Faust and Melnikov. Tidal had a copy, but somewhat lacking in metadata!

No composer, no sonata numbers… trying to identify didn’t help. Oh well, I can fix this but it’s going to take a while. First, put the composer in…

Unsurprisingly, Roon still has no idea. Right, now the laborious part - changing all the track titles, one by one.

Discogs confirmed the first tracks were Sonata No. 1 In D Major Op. 12 No. 1 , so I change track 1’s title…

Just check, and Wow! All three relevant tracks identified.

So instead of editing 33 tracks, I only (sic) have to edit 10.

Well done Roon.


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