A brain without speech?

I love the data that Roon serves on albums and artists – unmatched anywhere – and it’s organizational ability. However, I’m increasingly frustrated by two things that are causing me to wonder whether the subscription is worth it. I’m entitling my post this way because the problem, to me, seems to be that Roon has all this info but lacks the ability to actually get it out to where it can be useful.

  1. Inability to save to a non-Roon playlist. In addition to my local NAS library, I stream most of my hi fidelity music from Qobuz. Yet I can’t save songs I like back to Qobuz from my Roon interface. This may not be such a problem except for the fact that…(and here’s problem 2)…
  2. …unless I’m missing something – please tell me I am! – if I am not locally connected to my Roon Core at home, I cannot access my Roon library or my Roon playlists.. So if (pre-Covid) I’m at a friend’s house, all of the music I may have shared to a Roon playlist is completely unavailable for me to even see. Since (pre-Covid), three of my buddies regularly used to have listening sessions at each other’s houses, this is a real problem because I can’t access the music tracks I want to share with them, even to just get the info so that they can call it up on their own system. If I went with Tidal or stayed with Qobuz this wouldn’t be a problem – but of course I’d lose the deep bios/history/covers etc.

Is there any workaround for either or both of these?

  1. Correct
  2. No you can’t except by tinkering with VPNs.

As far as 2. is concerned, either wait for the end of COVID, and bring your Core with you, or for RoonLabs to release Roon On Mobile, which was in the pipeline years before COVID was a thing we worried about. Soyaknow…

If I wanted “Roon To Go,” I think I would load a Roon core on the most portable Surface Pro for use away from home.

Thanks everyone for responding and confirming my fears. At this point, I think I’m going to simplify my life and cancel my subscription. Maybe I’ll put the money saved to higher streaming quality. Back at roon when its ability to communicate improves.

I just take a screenshot w my phone and then go look up the songs a my buddy’s house that way.

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When I switched from Tidal to Qobuz I used some app that transferred all the titles (paid so I used once and then canceled subscription) perhaps something like that from Roon’s end would be great. I’d also like to see ‘sharing’ redone with different themes and layout - maybe a way to output a playlist for reference included in that and one could email/text it or print it out. But I’mm pretty sure I read before the one way street isn’t so much on Roon’s end as on the providers. They need to be able to ingest the info coming back from Roon.

Just to be clear, I’m ok with Roon not being able to save back to a Tidal or Qobuz playlist. I’m ok with not being able to stream or access tracks when away from the core. What I’m NOT ok with is not even being able to see any tracks I’ve saved to a Roon playlist when I’m away from the core. Until they fix that, I’m out.