A budget DAC with XLR and Remote?

Hello everyone, I’m new here, still discovering this innovating approach to liquid music.
I’ve an RME ADI-2 PROfs as main DAC. I’m very happy with this, only sorry that is not “Roon ready” and RME is not listed as supported brand, despite is very popular. For the TV location I’m looking for a budget (500$€) DAC or Streamer DAC, with XLR out (for a Genelec setup) and a remote. I found only the ADI-2 DAC with this features, but is around 1000$.
Thanks in advance and greetings from Italy

Emotiva Stealth DC-1. Great DAC, loaded with features, including balanced in and out. Unfortunately they don’t make it anymore, so you would have to find it used. The usually go for around $300 on Ebay.

Thanks Kennett, great device, almost same I/O of the ADI-2 and more than decent performance. Not so easy to have it in Italy but I will try