A Bug Or A Feature - Lyrics Updating With The Song? [Resolved]


having a wonderful time with Roon today. It is generally behaving itself and worked straight away with my shiny new Pi + Allo Digi One feeding the main hifi for the first time (Chord Mojo DAC). However I have noticed a difference between the WIN 10 remote and the Mac OSX remote. When viewing lyrics on WIN 10 remote, the lyrics change with the song as you would expect (looking at the Queue view). On the Mac OSX Remote the lyrics do not change with the song… I am on Sierra 10.12.6.
No big deal obviously, but why the difference in behaviour?

If you open lyrics from the Now Playing area at the bottom of the app, it should change as the currently playing song changes.

If you open lyrics from a specific track (like on an album page), it shouldn’t change as your queue changes.

Does that explain what you’re seeing, or are you seeing something else?

Hi Mike,

Yes, I see your point. Will have to go back and check I was looking at the same views on each remote under the same playing conditions . Will report back.

Hi Mike,

have done a bit of testing and it is me not Roon that is behaving differently. As you say, whenever the microphone icon is clicked the displayed lyrics change with the song as expected. I had gotten into the habit of looking at lyrics using the ‘vertical 3 dots’ drop down menu sometimes. In this case the lyrics do not change. :slight_smile:

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