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(Paul Williams) #100

A lifetime Roon subscription works out to be about 1.5% of my expenditure on my audio set up (speakers, amps, cables, wireless speakers etc). And if you include my music library, it would probably be less than 0.1% of my total expenditure. We have got so used to “free” or cheap software that either comes full of ads or charges for every update - and never quite delivers either on functionality or customer support.

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(Alan McMillan) #102

I can’t agree that Roon’s sound quality is inferior to a Naim ND5XS. I had one, together with its XP5XS outboard power supply immediately prior to buying Roon and the Meridian 218 to go with it. The first thing I noticed on day one was that the sound quality was better: more mid range detail and noticeably greater bass extension.

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Roon as a life time deal is a great value. My advice: get it, before it is gone.


I don’t regret spending a penny on Roon, it opened up my collection and I listen to more music than ever before as a result.


I could not agree more, Simon.

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(Paul Roberts) #106

Roon is just like heath insurance is for the rich. They can buy the medication the insurance wont cover if it is better.
Who can afford $10,000 or more on an audio system? The same people who can afford Roon. I looked at a demo of the software on line. A monster and will do much nice things. I am saving for the last audio system in my lifetime. I will be checking out J-River software because I can afford it. Roon has priced its self out of the middle class market and patterned around rich audiophiles. Sad that too many nice things in life the poor or not very well to do cannot afford. We all love music. I just cannot justify the cost after the cable bill and $20 / month streaming costs. My paycheck wont go that far. Soon I will be retired and have less. Senior discounts Roon?

(Chris ) #107

Roon lifetime costs about the same as the annual road tax on my old van. Running an old van and paying extra road tax is cheaper than having a flash newer van. Choices choices… it depends how you look at it.

(Tudup Ka) #108

Another not rich person here.
I dropped my my cable bill many years ago and that allowed me to get ROON, even without being rich it is all about priorities. I chose to listen to music I love instead of “them” flashing their **** on their channels down my brain.
Roon is not perfect, i.e. I do all of my initial metadata handling in iTunes, which is free on Mac and Windows and then let Roon import it, but it is still a great piece of software. It is just magical when there is an update and it asks me if I want to update my RaspberryPi based endpoint. iTunes will get similar to ROON lyrics this fall, but ROON had it for years, etc. etc.

(Henry) #110

Health insurance is just that. Roon isn’t any where near as important as that, it is software to use for leisure for the most part (there are pro users). We all make judgement calls about how we spend what money we have. I won’t spend on cables. I think it is folly, and as an engineer I think that if something needs expensive cables to sound at its best, it is badly designed. That will get some people’s backs up but I’m cool with that. And I’ll admit my first spell with Roon left me questioning its cost vs. it’s value, and that was because we don’t normally think of software as being part of a luxury purchase. In the end I went with what felt best to use. And to be frank, I thought Roon was just better than the alternatives.

(Michael) #111

It’s like smartphones… who needs to spend $1000 on something just to make a phone call? It’s that Roon, like smartphones, brings so much more to the experience.

(Robert ) #112

Audirvana might be an option. $75 USD.

(Paul Roberts) #113

Thank you! I will check it out!

(Daniel Beyer) #114

Foobar. Free and frankly better than JRiver in terms of sound. You will have to learn some things, but, that is part of the trade off.

(R. Neal) #115

Should software have a sound? Anyway, JRiver sounds just like Roon in my setup. JRiver also has loads of features missing from Roon and missing from Foobar unless you cobble together a Rube Goldberg Lego kit of plugins. Yeah, JRiver UI is psychedelic and impenetrable, but it is a lot of bang for the buck once you get past that.

(Mike O'Neill) #116

CJRiver UI is complex no doubt but JRemote is clean neat Control Point

Yes you have to the UI for tagging but-when you listen you use the Control Point

Don’t Exlude config ability in the debate , you can make JRiver and JRemote look how you want ! With Roon you get what you pay for

I use Both in parallel and extensively

Money no Object if it does the job it claims

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(Rob G) #117

I tried Foobar before I started looking at paid options for my music. Foobar sounded really “flat”; I couldn’t get the sound I wanted from it, no matter how much I tweaked the EQ. I then tried out JRiver and fell in love, but they refuse to integrate Tidal. To get the sound I wanted and integrate Tidal left me with a choice between Roon and Audirvana. Although Roon is more expensive, the metadata and music discovery has changed my music-listening habits 10-fold.

I don’t regret my first year purchase of Roon (even though it was an accident because I forgot to cancel the trial). :laughing:




(Mike O'Neill) #119

Perhaps its the Developer in me I don’t find JRiver so much complex as comprehensive

The two approaches are so different that they hard to compare. Roon does expand the “Random look” and “Meander” of your Library whereas JRiver allows you to customize views to allow quick access to what you have.

JRiver are softening a little on streaming in their new new release but not “On Demand Album” approach of Tidal et all , my guess is that JimH will never change his view of services like Tidal, Spotify, Qobuz . His view is that they are financially unstable and sinking Dev work into integration then will be wasted

That’s why I run 2 systems. My Samsung sound bar and wi fi speaker and MyGica video streamer both need DLNA so I am have to run a DLNA server anyway, I’m happy both ways

Its almost Roon for new stuff, JRiver for my Existing library esp Classical (The ongoing Big Box Saga, i have NO big boxes in Roon its simply to painful)

I almost Never use the Windows UI for playback, just for maintenance

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(Mike O'Neill) #120

Physcedelic ? can I have some of what you’re (NOT) taking/smoking :sunglasses:

Drab would be a better description depending which Skin you choose