A comment on the price

lifetime might be a good choice. I’m coming up on year 3…four years and its paid for…

Cannot get better than that …


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I’ll say it again, It cost more to hire one of my favourite artists as a trio for my 60th Birthday. £600.00
Ok, we had friends put them up overnight. But out of this they had to travel from Manchester to Colchester Essex. We fed them lol
Then look at the cost of a lifetime Roon. It’s a bargain. An absolute bargain.
Book your fav band at home… that’s a bargain also… and such fun…

Great story. And utterly irrelevant to the discussion.

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Not in my opinion. We have to pay for things and they cost what they cost. We save up and get value. You forget the price very quickly when you get value.
I am not and never have been wealthy.


I am ok with the annual subscription as long as I enjoy it.

The $500 lifetime is my big question. If I expect to use it for at least the 4+ years to break even then I am happy to pay. I just don’t know what the future holds and 4-5 years seems like a long time in the fast moving world of tech .

I am focused on my own large library so Lifetime is attractive because after I spend a few years tweaking the tags I don’t want to feel held hostage by an annual fee just to keep my significant investment in work (although I am trying to have metadata that is portable and loads into Roon or triggers Roon to assign metadata w/o my modification. I can pay the lifetime now so price will be no longer an issue moving forward (assuming that is what lifetime means over time) which is nice.

Will I be wanting/able to use Roon five years from now? That is what I am asking my self and having to forecast.

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Go on, take a leap of faith… it’s only money. You will forget the price long after you appreciate the value… The world could blow up tomorrow, then it won’t matter anyway.

I learned along time ago that you can’t get to second base with your foot on first base. Life is risky or you just achieve nothing and do nothing. Yes, a leap of faith is my advice and I could be wrong but I’d jump in anyway…

Shakespeare put it this way.

“There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life
Is bound in shallows and in miseries.
On such a full sea are we now afloat,
And we must take the current when it serves,
Or lose our ventures.”


4-5 years is not very long for a computer audio player. Innovation goes pretty slow, even Roon is evolving like a turtle. Chances are nothing major wil happen in the next 5 years. Nothin major happened in the last three years, And one thing is certain, there comes a time that Roon becomes hopelesly old fashioned, but again, it might take a while.

Are you PS Audio user? They are coming out with a hardware based product called Octave for several thousand USD which will be similar, but hardware based. Early 2019. That said, $500 for lifetime Roon seems like a good price.

Am I going to listen to music for the next 4+ years? Assuming hearing intact, not hit by a bus, etc., the answer is a clear ‘yes!’. That made the lifetime choice an easy decision for me. Granted, that was more than 3 years ago now, but not a speck of regret, I’ve gotten hours of enjoyment from my collection and Tidal integration via Roon!


Some of you guys have obviously never heard of the NBT.

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ummm…National Bank of Tajikistan? National Book Trust? Named Binary Tag? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
or Nothing But Time?:rofl:


Never By Tongue

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No Blue Tooth.

National Bikini Team… Nobody has ever complained about the price…


I bought the lifetime subscription. Price is now behind me.

My current investment is TIME… I have tags but I am helping Roon identify DVD, BD, SACD titles and getting the correct art and adding some more version info to Roon and tags. My Roon will have an investment in time just as I invest in tagging but the Roon info isn’t portable (trying to update from my metadata and files for more portability).

Given the lifetime subscription and custom setup time investment moving off Roon won’t be an easy choice. I’m in for the long haul. My time tweaking Roon (vs portable metadata) may be the biggest regret should I have to move off it.

I think it should be good for 5 years but things change. I was a Microsoft Zune user once. The streaming (Tidal) dependency, streaming alternatives and corporate buyouts present risk.

I’m getting enjoyment now so now worries.

A lifetime Roon subscription works out to be about 1.5% of my expenditure on my audio set up (speakers, amps, cables, wireless speakers etc). And if you include my music library, it would probably be less than 0.1% of my total expenditure. We have got so used to “free” or cheap software that either comes full of ads or charges for every update - and never quite delivers either on functionality or customer support.


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I can’t agree that Roon’s sound quality is inferior to a Naim ND5XS. I had one, together with its XP5XS outboard power supply immediately prior to buying Roon and the Meridian 218 to go with it. The first thing I noticed on day one was that the sound quality was better: more mid range detail and noticeably greater bass extension.

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