A couple of beginner questions

Hi I have just started using roon + Tidal.

I am using Tidal for daily listening and using roon to integrate my local files. So far I have a few questions if anyone can help:

  • Is there an easy way to add/sync tidal playlists to roon playlists? Or do i have to do this manually each time?

I would like to have playlists with both local and tidal tracks, so a roon playlist is required. However, when im on the go i will have to just use tidal so will be adding to tidal playlists.

  • Is there a way to set up smart playlists?

Can I set up playlists for both tidal and local tracks for (e.g. 1970-74, soul) that will automatically update as i add tracks to my library?

  • Is there a way to incorporate labels?

I love having my labels display, but cant seem to find a way to have them visible

Thanks in advance!

Playlists you create in Tidal will automatically sync to the playlists section in Roon when it performs it’s sync updates, this is regular but not instant.

You can’t create a smart playlist per se. You would create a focus search to look for the years you want if you use tablet or pc you can search between specific years on the phone app it’s just decades. Then save this as a bookmark. Bookmarks auto update with anything added that matches the focus criteria. Press play and it will queue them up. You can select all tracks and add to a playlist but this then is fixed. Roon is geared more around using focus and bookmarks than playlists to get what you want. This may not be to your tastes but it’s what Roon decided to do in this regards.

You can focus on labels to, but only for material already added to your Roon library and only on albums not tracks.

For albums using labels and years

Labels can be displayed when you choose Credits (rather than tracks) and scroll all the way down. There will be a section called Release Information. Not ideal by any means, but what Roon has decided to provide.