A couple of problems with setup

Just installed ROCK on a new NUC7i5BNH connected ethernet, controlled by a iPad Air2, and connected by USB cable to a Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Dac in front of a Parasound preamp. I’ve followed all instructions including installing CODEC Files on the NUC. I also followed carefully the instructions for setting up the DAC. Nevertheless, I am getting no sound. In addition, the NUC does not seem to recognize my hard drive with about 6000 songs. When I go to the http page, it asks me to format the hard drive, which would wipe out all of those songs. So what am I doing wrong?


Where is your hard drive? As a USB drive on the NUC? If so, the most likely problem is that the hard drive’s format is not Linux-compatible – ROCK is Linux-based. How did you set up the drive originally before ROCK?

Use a USB connected hard drive as internal ones need to be formatted…thats definitely in the docs IIRC

What USB cable port are you plugging into? USB-C on the NUC probably won’t work. It might also be that the Project is not Rock Linux compatible either.

Hi @Daniel_Cole,

How is the drive currently formatted?

Can you confirm what type of USB connection you’re using?

I’m not so concerned with the hard drive; I can always reformat it and reload the tunes. I’m mainly concerned that the NUC running ROCK does not seem to be connecting properly via USB connection with my Pre Box S2 DAC.

I’ve tried both a regular USB connection and using the USB c port from the NUC to the DAC (with adapters).

If you plug the Project into your remote PC/MAC (assuming you have one) does it get seen? I’m guessing maybe the ROCK support for the Project DAC might be broken or something wrong with the DAC as based on this post it should be supported.

Thanks. I installed the latest version of ROCK, which I assume carries the native support for Pre-Box S2. Is that incorrect?

As I noted if you have another PC/MAC you can validate the S2 is working on that would prove its not the S2 issue and or a different USB cable too perhaps. @dylan Im sure will follow up on the ROCK support and might want to enable diagnostics to further troubleshoot if Rock is picking it up.

Hi @Daniel_Cole,

As wizardofoz suggested, do you see this same behavior when connecting to a Mac or Windows device?

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