A couple of search questions for classical music (part 2)


in my quest to understand how to best perform searches in Roon I have been used to do in JRiver here comes the 2nd part…

Search for Works:

Being in the mood for Bach’s Matthäus-Passion I am searching via BWV number, since I know that Roon appplies a WORK tag in a language that I do not like for Bach :wink:

So I type in BWV 244 in the search field:

and really, I get a result back that very much looks like the WORK definition from Roon, so I click on it:

Really??? Please tell me that this is a bug and not intended behaviour…


I’ve seen this too, clicking on the suggestions in the drop down sometimes takes me to weird places too…

It can only be a bug of some kind.

I’d say that this is one for @support.

Thanks - it’s very weird, because I have not even any music of the displayed genres in my library…