A couple of songs not playing

Intel NUC with ROON Rock Roon Version 1.6(Build 416) 64bit

Netgear AX120 Router wired to a Netgear switch to the NUC

Marantz AV7701 thru HDMI

Temple of the Dog 24/192 FLAC songs “Call me a dog” and “Times of trouble” won’t play from HDtracks. They played before not sure if it was after your new build. I even bought the album again thinking that the files got corrupted on my NAS, but the new files do the same thing. All the other tracks play fine. I can even play those two songs thru the Marantz media player without issue or even thru other devices i.e Blu ray player, PS3

Hi @Kerry_Jung,

What happens when you play these tracks? Do you receive an error or does nothing happen at all?

Can you share a screenshot of what these tracks look like in Roon?

When it gets to “Call me a dog” or I just select it to play it just jumps to the next song “Times of trouble” then just stops. But if I select the song after those two songs they play no issues.

Hi @Kerry_Jung,

Would you mind sharing this album with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me a private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.

Do you want the whole album or just the 2 songs in question. Tried to load whole album even zipped it is a 2gb file and I only have a 2gb limit on drop box. I can try and email if you want, just give me a private email address.

Thanks Kerry

Hi @Kerry_Jung,

Just the two tracks should do. Thanks!

Ok put those 2 files in drop box what is the email you want me to use? Just let you know I have Qobuz and when I tried play those same songs in Qobuz 24 bit 192 they did the same thing while the other songs played normally. While the 24/96 they played no problems. I find that interesting.

Hi @Kerry_Jung,

Can you PM me a link to the folder in Dropbox? You can learn more about sharing Dropbox links here.

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