A couple of things I really don't like about 1.8

Not totally sure where to put this, it’s not a feature request, nor is it a support inquiry. I’m sure it will get moved where it should go if this is the wrong place though.

Overall, I’m really enjoying 1.8. It’s a nice refresh, overall I like the new UI, and it’s much faster than previous versions, which is great.

I like how Roon now presents similar and recommended albums and new releases adjacent to the album I am looking at or listening to. This presents much more new music to discover than the old UI. However, it is seriously lacking when trying to browse albums in my library that are similar to the current album. In fact, this feature seems to be completely missing! When taking that into account, the new UI is far, far worse for finding similar music to listen to. Previously, I would just hit the focus button and every single album in my library that was similar would be listed. Now there may be 10 total albums at the most. This aspect of the old focus feature must be brought back, as well as the new suggestions. The lack of being able to pull up similar albums locally also means that Roon is now entirely dependent on their servers. They have been down, they get slow sometimes, and this makes Roon quite a bit less useful.

The other major annoyance I’ve come across is that when you are browsing with the focus feature, select an album, then go back to the list, you are scrolled back to the top :clap: every :clap: single :clap: time :clap: no matter how far down the list you were browsing previously. Should be an easy fix in the next update.

While we’re here, I might as well throw this one in too; please allow for changing the default settings for the “share” feature. Just let me turn off displaying the ratings by default.

Thank you.

I would suggest a version: "please consider the possibility of bring it back - if other users also will ask for it"