A Couple Questions/Requests on Focus Features

When using Focus in the Album Browser display, I’ve found a couple of things that seem odd. First, if I look at Format to get a count of albums by Format, it’s only counting those albums that are set as Primary Versions where duplicates exist. If an album is not the Primary Version, it doesn’t get counted. This doesn’t seem right to me - I think Focus by Format should count all albums, including all versions of duplicates.

Secondly, in the Album Types column in Focus, it tells me “2 / 2 albums have unknown type”. As far as I can tell, there is no way to locate these albums in my library to find out what’s wrong with them. It would be nice if there were a way to pull these up for examination.

Check all the known types - they will be shown in a green button at the top of the Focus screen. Then simply click the button to invert it - it will turn red to show that it is inverted, and your “unknown type” albums will be displayed.

I suspect it will only do this if you have the “Show Hidden Tracks and Albums” setting turned ON…

Thanks - that did the trick! You’ll have to admit that it’s not exactly “intuitively obvious”. I never would have found that in a million years!

You are correct sir! Sorry for bothering you with my easily answered questions. I’m pretty new to Roon and still learning the ropes.

Sometimes, 30 minutes spent perusing the Knowledge Base can be a useful return on investment…