A curiosity question about lastFM

I ran across this snippet in the KB:

“Your Last.fm credentials. If you want to scrobble your plays, we need your Last.fm login credentials. These are stored in Roon’s database on your computer or Roon Core appliance and never shared with any third party.”

I don’t remember what happened yesterday, let alone November. Was this part of the sign-in process? I couldn’t find reference to it in my Settings.

No complaints, just curious.

As far as I can remember, this has always been a part of Roon. You can enter/edit the settings in your Roon profile (click on your pic at the overview page):

Ah! Looking under my Profile, not Overview. Thanks much.

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And you got me curious as well, ¨how can you use Roon in respect of lastFM?

I wonder if lastFM is sorta the musical equivalent of Facebook? Looks interesting…

It can be thought of as a musical social network, but I’m not sure it has much life left in that role. Once upon a time, it did some great things for me for music discovery. Where Pandora would play songs that were musically related to the song or artist you chose as a ‘seed’, last.fm would play songs from a seed song or artist that other users had in their history. In other words, sort of an Amazon-like, ‘those who bought abc also bought xyz’ model - often similar to what Pandora would find for me, but not always. The main thing I use it for now is to track my listening history. Whether I’ve listened on iTunes or Roon on my various desk/laptop machines or on portable devices like ipods/pads/phones, all 138,799 songs played from 4,927 artists (give or take) that I’ve listened to since July of 2007 are there. It’s interesting to see when I listen and what I listen to or when I first listened to a particular artist. The cataloging and metadata are part of what makes all of this interesting for me. It started with album covers and liner notes on sleeves, cd-sized notes inside jewel cases, and now it all lives in Roon! Cheers!

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