A different mechanism than Tidal favourites to add music to Roon

The more I use Roon and Tidal, the more Tidal albums I have in my Roon library. I can favourite whatever I like in Roon - be it local files or streamed - for quicker/easier access. All makes sense and works.

The only drawback is it kind of kills the favourites feature in Tidal - everything added to Roon is now a favourite. So when I use Tidal out and about (not out of choice obviously), it’s harder to find my favourite albums. Everything is my favourite! :slight_smile:

It would be great to have the streaming provider offer a different mechanism to tag music as being in Roons library.

(If the ‘favourite’ flag could be synced between the two, even better)


not a Tidal user but… I totally agree!

and might even consider (… maybe! :stuck_out_tongue: ) switching from Qobuz to Tidal if there was a way to keep a “list” of albums I want to listen to before eventually adding them to my library

You can dinthis already. When browsing Tidal albums from within Roon just click the three dots and then add to playlist and add them to whatever playlist you want. There are there in the playlist fir you whenever you want but not added to your library.

yup, but what I get that way is a list of tracks, not albums :neutral_face:
and it will soon become unmanageable :frowning: