A display for the Pi3 & Hifiberry Digi+ & Roon playback

Hi all

Is there a way to attach a display (like the official Pi3 7" display) to the Pi3/Digi+, to show Roon’s “Now Playing” artwork during Roon playback?

I am controlling Roon via an iPhone and that works well but it would be nice to have a larger display showing the Roon ‘now playing’ artwork, like when guests are over.

I already have a feature request for the Apple TV 4 to have a basic Roon Remote Control app to show this stuff on a big TV screen.

Until something like that happens, is there a way to use the 7" Pi screen?

I am running Hifiberry’s Roon Image on the Pi3.

Much appreciated in advance :slight_smile:

I think you can already do what you want through an Apple TV.

See the end of this thread.

Hi Phil, that’s only through AirPlay to an Apple TV 4. Which means no playback greater than 24/48 without downsampling.

But Apple TV aside (I already have this feature request in with Roon, as many had before me too), is there a display that can be used with the Hifiberry?

Cheers, Sean

If you use picoreplayer you can do this and use Rooms squeezebox connection. I have 2 pi’s setup this way one with digi+ and one with amp+. Works ok, you get now playing with artwork and even the vu meters that squeezebox had. It’s fiddly to initially setup but once done its a good stop gap until they have Roon remote on pi.

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I set up picoreplayer the other day with my iqaudio digiamp+ and RPi 7" ouch display, but can’t upload a video of the screens here…so I’ll put on YouTube.

Not too difficult, once you have the pi address it’s all web based setup and installing the VJ meter stuff.

Only issue is the fact you can have it playing something in a RAAT zone in sync so the display data is replicated.

Here it is and you also get the clock display options when stopped or powered off which is nice as screen savers - sorry no pics of the clocks yet


Very cool ! This is exactly what I was looking for. I wonder if it will work with my HiFiBerry board. Shouldn’t be a drama I wouldn’t think. Are you using the Squeebox Connection also?

Hi Simon, sorry I missed your reply. Didn’t get a notification.

Is that the HiFiBerry Digi+ and Amp+ boards you are using?

No reason it shouldn’t work with HiFiBerry and yes you need to play it via the Squeezebox connection turned on

Excellent. What stand are you using for the 7" screen? If you don’t mind me asking.
Cheers mate

I bought the one from Farnell / Element14 for the RPi 7" display but had to modify it to support the IQAudIO DigiAMP+ board.

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Yep both Hifiberry boards. Using the pimoroni stand for the amp build and the official rs one for the digi +. The pimoroni should be avoided as a stand though as it does not support it very well and the plastic screen had started to slip as the adhesive they use is not great. The RS one offer much better support for the entire screen frame.

Very cool. I need to do this :slight_smile:

A 10" screen would be even better but now I’m getting greedy.

If it’s not too much trouble are you able to take some pics of the screen and RS stand , whenever you get a spare chance

I have the 7 in. Raspberry Pi screen with Picoreplayer and Jivelite on a Pimoroni stand. I currently use it with LMS that is installed on the PiCoreplayer. Though it can work well as a Roon Endpoint I have decided to use my Squeezebox Touch for Roon Endpoint duties. I can now switch easily between the two servers when I need to.

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Sure, had to a bit of DIY on the RS one to get the Digi to fit, not the best job but it suits my needs and i don’t often look behind the unit.

Cheers mate, I couldn’t care less about the back of the unit either :slight_smile:

Hi do you have a HiFiBerry board on there too?

With 3 boards on the back of the Pimoroni screen & stand, does the screen stand up without issues?

And could you post some photos of the back if possible

Many thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Sean,

The Raspberry Pi 3 attaches to the screen and the Iqaudio Dac+ attaches to the Pi. No problems. I use a split power cable adapter to power the screen and Pi from the main power source. Works well. You can add a back plate to tidy up the rear if you wish but I’m not bothered about what’s behind as I can only see the wonderful screen and it’s images. I do intend to make an enclosure and attach the screen in a similar way to the Audiophonics player but I need some spare time to work on this. I’ll try to post a picture in due course.

They’re you go!

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Thanks heaps ! I like this stand ! And like you I don’t care about how it looks at the back, no one will see it for my anyway. Thanks again