A few API questions

Good day,

I have been playing a lot with the NodeJS API library and so far I was able to make a few Roon extensions and integration into my home automation.

Now I have a few questions:

  • Is there any possibility you can share some documentation about the websockets API ? I’m now using the NodeJS as a workaround but I’d like to talk to the web sockets directly. Reverse engineering the JS library seems a bit cumbersome :slight_smile:

  • I would like to do some playlist management with the API so I can import my Spotify playlists as Roon playlists (not Tidal playlists!).

  • Any way you can send an URL/file to a zone to start playing ? With the current browse implementation you can only start playback of existing library content but what if I’d like to start some file or URL ? Having this available in the api would allow me to send a TTS message or alarm signal to my zones.

Thanks in advance for answering my questions !


Has anyone found out information about this? I’ve been meaning to achieve the same thing and haven’t been successful so far