A few basic question around ethernet and wifi

Hi everyone. I am brand new to the world of Roon and am still working out internal kinks on my end. Right off the bat, here is what I am running

Core: Desktop PC → Roon with Qobuz
Bridge: Raspberry Pi 4 (running RoPieee)
Endpoint: Schiit Modius DAC via Pi into my Marantz 2215B Receiver

Ok, I will admit, my core is not connected to ethernet and am using my 5g wifi connection. My desktop is in the same room as my dual band router so I am able to pull consistent speeds of 400 to 475 Mbps. I would hard wire, but I just don’t have a long enough cord to reach my desk to where the router is set up. For the first week I had zero issues with dropouts. That changed yesterday as I had a few random dropouts in the afternoon–nothing changed with my setup and my wifi speed was consistently at the 450 mbps range. Is this just the risk I run with using my core on wifi as opposed to ethernet?

Another very basic question: My core is on my 5G network while my Pi and iPhone (remote) are on my 2.4 network. Could that be causing issues? My understanding is that the stream is based on what network my core is set to (the 5g one in my case). My Pi is in my listening room, while my core is on my office.


The two networks are “bridged” which is basically like having a wire / switch between them. All streams start at Core so that’s either files or pulling the stream from Qobuz. Core then sends the data out to the Pi. You’ve got, always, two wifi hops in your network although they are over 2 different Wifi networks which, is actually, a good thing.

Is 5Ghz network better than 2.4Ghz… that’s a long answer. Use what works and, for the most part, it sounds like what you’ve got set-up works but let me go back to your first question…

Is it a risk? Yes because Wifi is shared radio frequency spectrum and you have no influence on your neighbors. RF also changes with environment… move some furniture, a plant, etc. and it can impact performance. None of this happens with a wire. Once the wire works there really isn’t anything that should change the performance of the wire. Unless you are a mile or more from any other 2.4Ghz / 5Ghz radios that your neighbors may be using and you never change anything with the physical environment in which your Wifi network lives you cannot say the same for Wifi. This is why wires are preferred and, generally with time, are more stable.

At least go get a cat5 cable and get the core wired. This will eliminate the double wifi hop. Then you can optimize the single hop to the Pi.


Get a cat 5e or 6 cable if you get anything…cable is not expensive but you don’t need more than cat 6 at most a few $ per metre. You don’t need exotic lan cables… FS.com will have you sorted in no time.

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