A Few Feature Requests

Hey Roon,

Enjoying your product thus far and feel there are a few ways of improving things!

  1. Allow Roon to minimize on Windows to the tray (Jriver and Logitech Media Server both do this) so it doesn’t create clutter on the bottom taskbar.

  2. Improve Album Art sources. Many albums that JRiver could find when simply selecting their “find using internet” are still unfortunately blank in Roon. Unless I go in and manually upload the album art for that album which at this point would take some serious dedication!

  3. When searching through the “Artist” tab, allow the user to use an album cover or the Roon supplied picture. While I do enjoy the different photo at the top once the artist is selected, my preference would be an album from that artist while searching.

  4. Allow iOS devices like iPad, for example, to have the track information/artist/album with a pause/play and next/previous buttons on the lock screen. For example, the Tidal app does this and allows the user not to have to unlock the iPad fully and go into the app. Roon’s “reconnecting” with the waiting icon, while not a long wait, feels unnecessary if possible.

Loving the product and keep up your great work here at Roon!


If you can post some examples and screenshots over here we can take a look.