A few missing albums after the import [Solved - Ripping Software]

@support. I’ve built my digital library over the last 2 years on a Synology NAS mostly using the Musichi software ripper, tagger, and library. The Musichi library says I have 3995 albums as of yesterday, and confirms same after I use the “synch library with files” function.

Roon says it imported 3972 albums. I found the display within Roon that lists albums not imported, and there weren’t any displayed. Apparently Roon thinks it imported them all. What happened to the other 23 albums? Is there any way to export a list of albums from Roon so that I can compare to the Musichi library?

Have also checked the number of tracks? Maybe Roon merged some of the albums into a set.

Roon says 46816 tracks, Musichi says 46814 tracks. Kinda’ strange, but very close. Would that indicate some merging happened?

Probably. At least you know that nothing is missing. Using the Album Browser and “Focus” > “Inspector” > “Disc Count” set to “2+” you may find out which albums are considered multidisc sets by Roon and check if it matches your expectation.

Hello @Stephen_Vorenberg,

Can you please check Skipped Files to see if the missing ones show up there? Roon sometimes cannot import files that have special characters or for other reasons listed on that KB page. You can generate an XML of the track list by navigating to Tracks -> Control + A to select all of them -> 3-dot drop-down at the top -> Export -> Export to Excel. I would check skipped files before going through and doing a comparison thought.

– Noris

As far as I understood the track count of Roon is even “better” than expected:

That’s why the idea that the album count discrepancies stem from “mergers”.

I checked Skipped Files before I posted. There was nothing listed.

As I was sleeping, I thought of a possible cause. I’ll need to check that out this evening to see if this cause explains the album discrepancy.

I can account for 19 of the 23 “missing” albums. When I’m ripping (using the Musichi ripper), I enter the name I want to use for the Album. If I do it properly, I will have all the tracks selected at the time I enter the Album name. This being a rather repetitive and sometimes tedious task, I sometimes have an idea for a change to the Album name when I’m in the middle of editing the composition. If I’m not careful, I forget the select “all tracks” before changing the Album name. That can result in 2 or more names for the same Album.

I dumped the entire Musichi library to Excel and did an analysis of the number of Album names for albums with the same CD number, CD Id, and publisher. I came up with 19 duplications. There are probably 4 more that I missed with this approach. I plan to fix the names in the Musichi library, so it should match pretty closely with Roon from here on. (I have some reasons for continuing to maintain the Musichi library, even though Roon supersedes it in many ways.)

So I’m a happy camper for the moment in regards to this question.


Hi @Stephen_Vorenberg,

Glad to hear that you found the discrepancy in the ripping software! I see that you’re on your way towards making the library accurately reflect the albums in your library so I’m going to go ahead an mark this thread as [Solved].

Thanks again for contacting support!

– Noris

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