A few questions about the installation for synology。

Hi @Crieke,

Could you help me with a few questions?

  1. Should the newly created folder “RoonServer” be created and Shared on the SSD(witch install roonserver) or on the mechanical disk?
  2. Due to the CPU processing capacity of Synology, is it recommended to buy a Nucleus+ as the hardware basis for running ROON Server?
  3. I have DS1819+, any other Suggestions?

Any hints, tips, ideas etc. would be most welcome.

Thanks & kind regards.

The "RoonServer shared folder will store the database. Roon Labs recommends using a SSD for this. So it makes sense to create the shared folder on the SSD (if available).

I can’t really give an answer here. This depends a lot on the use case. If you want use lots of DSP instances or have a huge library, the Diskstation might not be up to the task. I’d do a test run with Roon Server on the diskstation.

I have been using the 1819+ with the database on the same partition as my rotational drives. No issues at all and I have a library of 1200 FLAC Albums.

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Thanks a lot!

Does anyone compare the output to the Nucleus+?

I initially used my Synology DS718+ as my Roon core. The Roon database on rotational drives. For the most part it was sufficient.
I only started to run into performance limitations when I added room correction to DSD128 or higher.
I am currently on an Sonictransporter i9.