A First-World Issue with HD Names

My external HDD, attached to my ROCK, was named MusicDrive by me. But, somewhere in the installation it became MusicDrive_WDC_WD80_EFZX-68UW8N0_170914010918_5A40-XXXX.XX .

Do all Rocks have this “problem”? Any fixes? Thx.

The most egregious example I’ve seen, but there is a formula.
The only reference I could find -

You’ve asked this before, and the answer is still (I suspect): it’s a first-world issue. There are bigger fish to fry.

My prompt this time was due to my perception that HDDs attached to Nucleii do not use this convention.

MusicDrive = Your Given Name

WDC_WD80_EFZX-68UW8N0 = Western Digital’s Drive Model (you would see the same if you looked at the drive properties in a Windows PC. It refers to a Western Digital 8 TB RED drive, circa 2016. Probably in a WD Easystore (??) if it is external.

170914010918_5A40-XXXX.XX = Not so sure, it could be the drive SN, the product enclosure SN, or something else like an internal Roon identifier.

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it’s your drive/enclosure serial

I’m not sure what the “problem” is. This is how we expose drives to minimize errors in Roon’s storage management.

We recommend this type of mapping for Linux devices across the board, but it’s not what people do very often. We came up scheme that consistently places drives at unique mount points after seeing hundreds of issues related to storage mapping.

One of Roon OS’s goals is to is be opinionated. It’s part of what makes it work so well. I write a bit about this here and in subsequent posts: ROCK is very opinionated about the best way to run Roon.

Do Nucleii attached drives use the same scheme?

The problem is in the use of tag data with most taggers that present items in a spreadsheet format. Because the root name is so long, it takes up too much real estate to be useful as a name outside of Roon. A secondary effect.

Fear not, I’ll survive. I jus thought you might have found a satisfactory alternative by now.