A fix for Uncertified Roon Ready devices

In this post, we clarified the position we were taking in regard to uncertified Roon Ready devices. After hearing back from many Roon users on the subject, we’ve come up with a solution to address the concerns we heard.

We believe this solution addresses the concerns of most affected users while also pushing the industry towards a higher standard.

First, let me reiterate our goals:

  1. Enforce the Roon Ready licensing terms, thus ensuring that Roon Ready devices made available to the public can be trusted to provide a great experience

  2. Ensure partners do not release beta quality and/or uncertified Roon Ready devices to paying customers

  3. Ensure that the Roon development and support teams have what they need to properly support Roon Ready Devices for all customers

Next, let me explain anti-goals (things best to be avoided):

  1. Denying users the ability to use devices that may have been sold under the false pretense of being certified Roon Ready devices

  2. Making it difficult to change a Roon configuration because one happens to be stuck with hardware that may be uncertified.

The announcement that we would be deprecating the ability to enable uncertified Roon Ready devices (but keeping existing devices enabled) on September 21st met the goals but in retrospect did not pass muster against all of the anti-goals. Most specifically, anti-goal #2 was violated.

Without a software update and the lengthy process related to testing and releasing, our choices on how to address this are limited, but we believe we have a solution:

There are a group of Roon accounts that already have access to uncertified Roon Ready gear in development: developers employed by the manufacturers.

The solution is to turn those paying end-users who are affected, into “developers” so they can keep using the uncertified devices while the manufacturers complete their work and testing.

Why does this work?

Let’s talk about how this solution fits the goals again::

  1. It enforces our Roon Ready licensing terms by removing the ability to use uncertified Roon Ready devices from most users that may be sold these uncertified devices

  2. It ensures manufacturers will not release beta quality and/or uncertified Roon Ready devices to paying customers because those customers will not be able to enable these devices. Come September 21st, “public betas” will not be possible.

  3. Device manufacturers will have to finish certification if they want to make marketing claims or sell on the features of Roon Ready support. If they do not, new sales will be severely reduced as most of the current and future Roon users will not be able to access these devices.

And now the anti-goals:

  1. It allows existing users to maintain full access, with the caveat that these devices may be unstable and the current policy that they can/will not be supported by the Roon Support Team will continue.

  2. As long as the user does not change Roon accounts, it keeps their access the same as before.

What does this all mean for me?

  1. Existing Roon accounts using uncertified devices as of September 21 can request to keep all access to their currently owned uncertified Roon Ready devices before September 21st. Once access is granted, they will see no changes to their access or ability to enable/disable those devices.
  2. All other Roon accounts will no longer be able to enable uncertified Roon Ready devices on/after September 21st.

So, how do I get the fix?

Fill out this form: https://zfrmz.com/hQNRXlk8iLiJaQeIN2Dv

Everyone, thanks for your feedback and for putting up with our growing pains. We really do appreciate that you are all passionate enough about Roon to voice your opinions.


@danny, thank you for coming up with this solution and for taking all the sh*t thrown at you for the past 24h.


@danny, Danny many thanks for this very sensible compromise solution. My form will be completed tomorrow morning.


This is great - but my Primare NP5 has already dropped off from under ‘Roon Ready’ - uncertified.

I can’t tell if Primare have pushed out an update or changed something in the back end maybe?

Could you guys re-enable this from your side please?

I’m unable to take any screenshots showing this as uncertified as it dropped off about an hour ago!

Thank you for given us an option to keep our hardware alive and fonctionning until the manufacturer
get the certification.

My form is already filled.

Hello @tomnpegs,

We did not change anything on our end, nor were we made aware of any changes on Primare’s end. I recommend reaching out to Primare for clarification.

That said, we’re full speed ahead with them on getting the certification finished for all users.



Tricky situation.

This is a great idea because i have read today on NAD forum and some people were concern about buying the M33 because it was not actually Roon certified,

The support team respond in the forum with this:

Well this is not going to be true after the 21 September and this is making confusion with the customer.

So I really think everyone should check from now on Roon website for compatible product list and don’t trust manufacturer that claim their product Roon Ready but without Roon certification. This way no surprise after the 21 September.

Thank you!

Thanks Roon team, this reads as a smart approach designed to protect Roon customers and further build brand loyalty. It’s a very successful formula I’ve seen before when moving your business to a full aas provider model. Longer term this strategy will further build your base and give you much more leverage over the manufacturers. What is really interesting is you arent too many steps away from being the industry regulator…Absolutely the right decision to protect your customer base from any contractual disagreements you have with vendors on certification…Making Roon subscribers suffer would also not be good for your bottom line either.

Ive submitted my form for my 2go and am hopeful this date driven issue is now off the table.

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@danny this is definitely a good solution for existing users. If I have multiple uncertified devices, do I need to fill the form multiple times for each individual make/Model combination, or is it marked at the account level for all devices?

I’m not going to fill out the form. If PRIMARE don’t sort this out they’ve lost me.


just mention them all on the form… a human processes the forms and they will figure out what you mean


Thank you for coming up with a solution!

This seems like a creative solution that works within the understandable roon infrastructure constraints.

Not for nothing, but this situation is a good illustration of why I’ve always thought that running roon labs software from end to end is the best approach. No third-party drama.

(Yeah, I know that the roon raat sdk is roon software. This situation, though, reveals the vagaries and complications of third-party implementation. Herding cats and whatnot.)

Thanks Danny for getting this sorted so promptly - much appreciated!

I think this situation is a good illustration that it’s not always best to adopt the most heavy handed solution possible.

I agree with @danny that you can’t always please everyone, but the reaction to this fix shows that when you make a genuine effort to minimize collateral damage, it does get recognized and appreciated. As a result, those inconvenienced people will be much more understanding and accommodating.

Kudos to @danny and Roon for finding the right balance


Thanks Danny for swift and consumer oriented solution. Just filled in the form for my NATIV Vita device.

A compromise solution for all parties, while maintaining goals and avoiding the ‘anti-goals’ and serving the community of users.

So with that success, could you take a look at Brexit, the UK, EU position while maintaining International Law, the Withdrawal and Good Friday Agreements?


Agree with the responses here, thank you for the update. This seems a good option that pursues the goal of quality control through a certification process from the 21st forward, but also doesn’t turn off the music for current customers who had functioning gear and were caught in the crossfire.