A fix for Uncertified Roon Ready devices

I’ll take Danny’s clear, fact-based “abrasive” communication style any day over some mealy mouthed double-speak incomprehensible corporate BS that obfuscates their actions and intentions. I like to know where I stand without having to read between the lines.


Once upon a time, good engineering-based firms would all go for “clear, fact-based” communication that respected the intelligence of their users, who they saw as peers interested in the same technical advances. Some companies (besides Roon Labs, Schiit comes to mind) still do, and I give them extra credit for that. But the corporate comms mantra “the customer is always right” has turned many formerly plain-speaking companies into marketing-driven obfuscators that massage customer egos (“you are so discriminating for choosing Acme!”) while picking their pocket. Several on this thread recommended that Roon Labs hire a comms person to massage the message. Nothing would be a worst waste of money. I don’t pay for sweet words, I pay for great engineering and product design.


Given no ‘public’ betas, is there scope under the Roon Ready license program for vendors to run a private Alpha / Beta testing with real customers as part of their final integration testing - particularly for some of these multi-faceted devices running multiple, overlapping applications? Does that require Roon approval and an NDA?

Plus one for the effort, taking ownership, engaging on this issue - and listening . I respect it must have have been a couple of tough days in the office!!


@danny Just to let you know that I really appreciate your honesty, upfront approach and the way you have found a workable solution for the customers! Also recognising that extra effort you and your team have to put to make this work in the short term.

I have been sitting on the fence to get Roon subscription for few weeks. After reading through this and the previous thread, I have signed up for it. Looking forward to be part of the roon community.


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Just Googled George Bernard Shaw’s quote

“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”


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I think there are two points here:

First, always try to make the best decision possible considering all of the stakeholders. In this case, that includes Roon, Roon customers (current and future), and Roon partners.

Second, always communicate in a way that shows respect for all of the stakeholders.

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And by those lights, in my view, Roon Labs has done the right thing in both cases.

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Filled in the form and then notified AVM audio of the issue… They have replied stating they are going through the “final stages of certification” and a system update will resolve the issue Shortly.

I am hoping this is the case and not a case of manufacturers flannel!..

Is any one at Roon in a position to confirm this being the case or are AVM one of these offenders of peddling goods before certification & allegedly being without an intent to finalise…

I note they are still advertising the units as “Roon Ready”

(AVM C.S 8.3 Ovation)

The fact that so many device manufacturers now seem to be motivated to get their act together and fix their Roon implementations IMHO shows this was a much needed and proper step. Maybe should have been done long ago but hindsight is 20/20.


Hi Danny. Maybe I’m not quite following this but the approach seems to be targeted at manufacturers who claim their devices are Roon-Ready when in fact they are not or these firms have not made the necessary approach to Roon to get them certified. There is however a large group of manufacturers who do not claim their products are Roon-Ready or Roon-Certified. I for one am a Roon user who has products from Denafrips, Border Patrol and Primaluna that I am using in my systems. They all show up as ALSA devices without the red banner , in some cases because they are connected directly to my Nucleus or I am using them through a Roon-Ready device like an UltraRendu.

What happens to these devices after Sept 21st? Or devices connected to end points like the UltraRendu?


ALSA devices don’t use the Roon’s RAAT network protocol they are directly connected device (to Core or via a 3rd party endpoint) … thus these are not Roon Ready devices and why there is no pink UNCERTIFIED banner showing on Roon.

The new Roon policy is only pertinent to uncertified Roon Ready device, all other devices are unaffected and continue to operate as the do today.

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Thanks Carl, but the question remains - what will happen to those products post-Sept 21st? For example if I connect an uncertified device to my laptop which is not aCore but simply an End-Point - will they stop functioning post 21/9?

They aren’t “uncertified” they haven’t been put in for certification they are outside of any of this discussion and will continue to work. If you buy any product that makes no claims on Roon certification it will work.


If you don’t have anything showing as uncertified then you have nothing to do…how many times has this been explained, USB dacs are not affected.


So in other words, the work around (for those of us who did not believe that the world of DAC’s is composed of those that are Roon-Ready and those that are not; but in fact and strangely enough - ones that sound good and ones that don’t…) the work around is simply to connect your uncertified device to a Roon-approved endpoint like an UltraRendu? Great news for Sonore I guess…

When can those of us with “uncertified” devices expect to get an email saying we have been granted “developer” status?

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My newly modified posted response. I can’t think of anything else.