A fix for Uncertified Roon Ready devices

One thing I don’t understand is this:
Suppose a company slaps a “Roon Ready” label on its advertisements, or on the front-panel display screen whenever the device is switched to ethernet input with Roon enabled. Is that Roon Ready label, by itself, tantamount to claiming the device has passed certification?

I do welcome and appreciate your carefully voiced constructive criticism.

It’s tough because normally, insight into a company’s business process would not be made public… and because those insights are being publicly exposed by me, and not from a faceless corporation, there will surely be a tone of personally directed goals, solutions, etc… however, I am aware that words matter and I’ve taken action to attempt fixing this.

As for the abrasive nature of my tone, it’s generally true. I’ll be the first, and definitely not the last, to point out that abrasive is my middle name. I’m working on it though!

I’ve made some minor edits to the post at the top of this topic… I’ve changed the language to be less “our” and “we” and instead worked to focus on the situation at hand. No material changes have been made, but I hope it reads slightly better.


if you see a product that says “HDMI” on it, do you assume it meets the HDMI certifications? I would say yes.

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It speaks volumes about your character to admit to this. It buys a lot of good will with me. Thanks


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I ordered the Bluesound Node 2i Streamer a few days ago and it is arriving next week. Will I need to fill out the form fo this once it arrives?

Why would you? The Node 2i is certified.

Node 2i is certified but doesn’t work well with Roon. Primare NP 5 is not certified and work pretty well. Found the error.

Wonder if this is genuinely Roon Ready lol? New from Arcam

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Sorry, this is not about which works better than others, it is about who needs to do the steps for an uncertified device, which is not the Node 2i.

And, as a counter point to you, my Node 2i has never failed ever. Not one hiccup.


You are lucky. Mine Never work vert well.

Abrasive people are often the ones that get things done. But when it comes to corporate messages it is usually best left to a good marketing or communications professional.


Ok Perfect. I was looking on the product description online in multiple places and Roon was not listed. I thought it was previously, so I was not sure what the deal was. Thanks.


The sort of people that sell customers uncertified products without shame?

I prefer the slightly abrasive tone (telling facts instead of nice lies).


That’s a false choice.

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I second this Ken!

Nice one Guys thank you, Delighted you have started to call these Sharks out & hope they suffer the consequences in sales until they understand what they have done, people work hard for there money especially these days…

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