A fix for Uncertified Roon Ready devices

Ok Perfect. I was looking on the product description online in multiple places and Roon was not listed. I thought it was previously, so I was not sure what the deal was. Thanks.


The sort of people that sell customers uncertified products without shame?

I prefer the slightly abrasive tone (telling facts instead of nice lies).


That’s a false choice.

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I second this Ken!

Nice one Guys thank you, Delighted you have started to call these Sharks out & hope they suffer the consequences in sales until they understand what they have done, people work hard for there money especially these days…

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Are you going to place an announcement or warning on your website? Have you already put out a cease and desist letter to the companies in violation?

I go to the Chord website and see that the 2go is roon ready. I buy said 2go after 9/21. I can’t activate it due to it not being certified. I am therefore mad at Roon and Chord because I wasn’t aware of the issue.

I would suggest some kind of warning or FYI on the main page to warn customers to check to see if their device is truly Roon Ready certified.

Just my $0.02


I just Can say:If Roon disables my device i‘ll disable Roon and Go back to jriver…


With our new Arcam AVR’s they are still releasing firmware updates frequently. Will our devices continue to function with firmware updates to the Arcam?


It easy enough to avoid, just check in setting first, if you don’t have a red banner, you are OK.
If you do have an uncertified device, fill in the form.
Roon must protect their business and reputation going forward to avoid just these issues.

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All seems fair enough to me, and has been handled better than the Sonos ‘legacy equipment’ support which is what has driven me to Roon and phasing out my Sonos zones to be replaced by Roon devices.

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Likewise. I want freedom from audio manufacturing companies. I want the freedom to be able to play music however I want, whether through a simple RPi or via a ££££ system.

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I’ll take Danny’s clear, fact-based “abrasive” communication style any day over some mealy mouthed double-speak incomprehensible corporate BS that obfuscates their actions and intentions. I like to know where I stand without having to read between the lines.


Once upon a time, good engineering-based firms would all go for “clear, fact-based” communication that respected the intelligence of their users, who they saw as peers interested in the same technical advances. Some companies (besides Roon Labs, Schiit comes to mind) still do, and I give them extra credit for that. But the corporate comms mantra “the customer is always right” has turned many formerly plain-speaking companies into marketing-driven obfuscators that massage customer egos (“you are so discriminating for choosing Acme!”) while picking their pocket. Several on this thread recommended that Roon Labs hire a comms person to massage the message. Nothing would be a worst waste of money. I don’t pay for sweet words, I pay for great engineering and product design.


Given no ‘public’ betas, is there scope under the Roon Ready license program for vendors to run a private Alpha / Beta testing with real customers as part of their final integration testing - particularly for some of these multi-faceted devices running multiple, overlapping applications? Does that require Roon approval and an NDA?

Plus one for the effort, taking ownership, engaging on this issue - and listening . I respect it must have have been a couple of tough days in the office!!


@danny Just to let you know that I really appreciate your honesty, upfront approach and the way you have found a workable solution for the customers! Also recognising that extra effort you and your team have to put to make this work in the short term.

I have been sitting on the fence to get Roon subscription for few weeks. After reading through this and the previous thread, I have signed up for it. Looking forward to be part of the roon community.


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Just Googled George Bernard Shaw’s quote

“Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adapt the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people.”