A formal request for the On The RoadMap Locked sticky here

@danny I have seen a few of these in recent moments…maybe we can have a sticky locked thread here that will be updated with features on the roadmap and perhaps even a vague timeline for such if its imminent or in testing. Maybe even with a link to the feature requested thread :smiley:

Or it could reside in the Feature Request area

on the roadmap means we agree with this feature and/or a variation on the idea, and would like to see it get done, so “its on the list”.

it does not mean the items have been scheduled (although it might be), nor does it mean it can be expected in a timely manner.

take it more like a ‘we agree, and hope to get it done’ – not something worth taking note of except in passing…

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fully understand that - this is more of a “Roon has noted this request and its on the map for possible inclusion” i.e. just a place where people can get at a glance whats on the list so as not to have new threads for the same features cropping up all the time.

As it would be a locked thread controlled by mod/roon then easy to keep clean.

Short of having to do something like this