A Gotcha When Moving Core to New Machine [Solved]

Been running core on a Mini, call it MINI. I want to move core to WIN10 machine, call it WIN10.

  1. Backup database from MINI.
  2. Bring server up on WIN10.
  3. Disconnect from MINI and point to new server (WIN10) from MINI, which now acting as a control.
  4. Everything is OK. New server is shown to be on WIN10.
  5. Restore database that was backed up under MINI.
  6. Restore OK. All files and settings are restored correctly.
  7. Access Roon from MINI which is now acting as control.
  8. Roon server is shown on a machine called MINI, which it isn’t.
  9. Roon server is really on WIN10 as shown by correct IP and the description of the OS in the ‘Choose your core’ screen. However in this screen and elsewhere the server name is MINI.
  10. An additional machine is shown on "Choose your core’ screen as ‘This Mac’, which is the Mini that control is running on.

Everything works OK and obviously (?) what’s happening is that Roon is taking the machine name from where the core was when the data was backed up, rather than where the core is currently running.

I’ve dropped and restarted both core and control, but the old name persists.

How does one get out of this and still retain settings, etc. from old core?

Settings > Setup > Core Name

Aha, an elaborate theory shot to hell. I figured I was going to be embarrassed by the answer.


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