A grim Grimaud ////

Artist pages such as this are quickly becoming the norm, not the exception, at least for me. By that I mean oversized pictures relative to the frame.

I took the following on a MacBookPro, 16", v12.6. Please advise if there is anything to correct this.

Oh, running b1132 Core, b1128 Remote.

Now for the Pic:

How is the picture looking in Valence when you click on grafik?

I was just editing this when you wrote. Here are Valence wide banner pics:

Curiously, I don’t think any of the Valence pics are the one I have on the artist page. A close inspection of the background shows the word “ORIGINAL” in the top left. I don’t see it on Valence.

Is there a setting to unselect my pic?

UPDATE: Just found the pic under edit; changed it to accept Valence choices. All better!

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