A Head Full Off Dreams by Coldplay not available in Roon[Solved]


This album is not available in Roon. I’ve added it yesterday in Tidal and restarted Roon a few times to make sure all is in synch but still nothing

what’s causing this? How do I get it in Roon?

edit: OK found the answer here:

It’s there now :thumbsup:

New Coldplay album has appeared in Roon now for me - but it is a favorited album and hasn’t appeared in my list of albums in Roon. Tried removing it from Tidal and then adding through Roon - the album reappears in Tidal but still doesnt sync back to Roon. I’ve seen something similar before - it eventually sorted itself out but it is frustrating. Anyone got any ideas or seeing a similar issue?

Hi Simon,

I have found Tidal and Roon synch problems can sometimes be solved by clearing the Tidal cache, but other times it is resolved when the Tidal and Roon databases next shake hands.

Yes it’t there now… But pushing the add to library button does nothing??
I don’t get it. I faved it in the Tidal app so I figured that it would simply appear in my albums in Roon as well.


Hi Andrew, That did the trick - one for the future!

So the new Coldplay Album has now appeared in Roon but I cannot add it to my Library.

Anyone any ideas why?



Hi Tim,

Brought your post here, try clearing the Tidal cache as above.

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