A human to help me me with QNAP Core

Hi guys,

I’m not a techie - I know that (used to be but don’t know what happened!)…

I have a QNAP TVS-871 i7 16G 8 Bay NAS. I also currently have my Roon running on a Lenovo A740 i7 3.3Ghz.

I’m wanting to move my Roon core from the Lenovo to the QNAP - to focus the processing in one place.

I know there are endless sets of info on here on how to do it, but with respect you guys are 10x smarter than me, and I just go a bit blank when staring at the instructions. @Ratbert very kindly set up my NAS when I got it, so I don’t even fully understand that!!

Anyone local to Oxford / Newbury and fancy helping me out?? I’m usually smart enough to follow instructions but reading them glazes me over and I feel I need help from a human!

Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

If you can’t get someone to physically visit, I could probably do it if you installed Teamviewer or similar on your Lenovo.


Just dropped you a PM. I am in Basingstoke so not too far from you and happy to assist.


Great going guys!

Thanks Nick, really appreciate it, will PM back :slight_smile:

absolutely, this community rocks!

that would be great. Let me see how Nick and I get on and I’ll let you know. Thanks!!!

Massive thanks to Nick for helping me out. I am now flying with the solution :slight_smile:

Seems to have got rid of many of my frustrations with the “dropping out” - so a very very happy camper.

Also thanks Nick for a great chat.

Great service!


No problem at all Chris. Glad that this has removed some of the glitches that you were experiencing before.

Good luck with your new adventure and if you think there might be something that I might be able to assist you with in that respect then you know where to find me :slight_smile:


@anon14379623 – can you report back with some info on what the issues were and what you did to fix them? I’m sure others who are in similar situations could use the advice…

I don’t think there were any issues other than I’m not a tech, so I was unfamiliar with how my QNAP is even set up because Russ built it for me!

Nothing untoward - just a more basic level of user perhaps.


Danny, as @cmr600 says there were no specific issues. This was just a setup of Roon Core on the QNAP and re-purpose of the Lenvovo touch PC that had been running core to be a remote. We didn’t migrate the Roon database from the old core to the new, rather we let it import and analyse afresh.