A Jazz album is show under Classic -> Chamber Music. How can I fix this?

On my Roon Control I browsed to the genre “Classical” and then to the sub genre “Chamber Music”.

I now see the following album row:

The 3rd album “Resumit” with Gerry Mulligan surprised me here. It does have the tag “Chamber Music” as shown here:

However, it is obviously not a Classical album. Also in my filesystem the album is called “Tango Nuevo”, not “Summit” plus the ID3 in-file metadata show the genre “Tango Fusion”, definitely not “Classical”.

How can I fix the wrong genre listing?

Open the (…) menu at the top (to the right of the Play button), click Edit, go to the Edit Album tab on the right, scroll down to the Genres, delete the offending Genre


Cool, the Edit panel is great.

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By the way, some edit types are also possible for a multi-selection of albums or of tracks. Handy to make changes for all albums of an artist, for instance.

Maybe helpful:

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In many public db’s you will see Astor Piazzolla claimed as Classical which is why you are seeing this. Quite a grey area. In your screen shot you have two Piazzolla albums one teamed with Gerry Mulligan, the jazz saxophonist. The other teamed with the Classical violinist, Gidon Kremer. So its ambiguous.

I usually tag “Classical Crossover” in these cases. I tag a lot of contemporary symphonic and electronic film music this way as well. You might find that helps.


Thx a lot for the link, @Suedkiez . Very informative.

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Good point! I was coming from Gerry Mulligan and thinking that can’t be right, but of course it is a crossover.

I guess I will go with my own edit as “Tango Nuevo”

It was classified with Classical because of Astor Piazzola, who is/was, as you probably know, very difficult to classify. He studied with some early 20th century classical composers, too, although the exact names I don’t recall.

I was pointed towards Piazzola because of some articles I read in some mid 90s editions of Stereophile.

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