A&K SP1000 Roon ready when?

A&K announced Roon Ready by end 2018, but still no sign. Any info?

On the forums, A&K Support states no ETA but “soon”. :sunglasses:

I would be skeptical of any software update promises anyway.

JasonNYC on Head-Fi stated they submitted firmware to Roon for testing before Christmas. He says 6 weeks for testing by Roon. Maybe by months end. He was going to check on progress with Korea next week.

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JasonNYC 's latest update (Feb 13) says that Roon is still testing the latest firmware changes. Would be nice if someone at Roon would comment.

The only comment roon have made in the past is that testing is underway. It’s not a one off process, AK update, roon tests and passes results back, AK updates…
Depends on Comms, people availability, coding schedule etc etc.

That’s what I assumed but one can hope…

Still waiting on this :frowning:

Roon Ready coming Tuesday.