A list of disks for insurance purposes?

I have a middling size collection of CDs that I’ve transferred to Apple Lossless for playback. I still have the media and it serves as backups for the backups on the FreeNAS. They are home so subject to common mode failure like fires and tornadoes.

Is there any way to prepare a list of albums from the Roon metadata?a Specifically, I’m looking for a list of the ALAC saved albums as these are the ones I own. Tidal add to library albums should not be in the list. These I don’t own and many are older items out of print that I listened to in my misspent youth. Some of these I have on LP but only a few.

Use Focus/Format=ALAC in the Album Browser to just show the CDs, select them all, and then export the list to an Excel spreadsheet…


Thanks. Just now checked this issue