A list of every new release from liked artists on the home page

First of all, I strongly appreciate the new releases for you section of the home page (despite the singles sub part being sometime lost in time and stuck for weeks with the same content), and I’ve discovered really interesting releases and artists through this selection.

So my request is not to modify the way this functionality is currently working, but would be to have another pair of list (for albums and singles) presenting every new release of the artists liked or followed in a library.
The time period could be the same as the one used right now in the new releases for you section.
This exhaustive list would be a very convenient way to track production of all the people/projects someone has decided to follow, avoiding the need to go through each pages just to check if something has been released (and there are tons of interesting music that don’t have any press release or comment and are not that much picked by algorithms).

Once again, I find it normal that the New releases for you section does not show that complete information but a mix between known artists/projects and some matched by Valence.
I’ve only 2100+ artists in my library, but it’s already complicated to keep track.
I imagine bigger the library, most useful this feature would be.

This is achievable using My Library: Artists / Albums / Tracks. Simply visit these pages, and select the :heart:

That’s exactly my point: with 2100+ artists in my library, I just can’t spend my time to check all these pages just to be sure that none of them has released something new…
I’ve edited my first post and the title to make emphasis on the new releases of followed/liked artists